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  1. Rad

    Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    Hopefully there are a variety of trails. I wish they would have taken the R1T on something a bit more challenging when they were in Breckenridge (the road they were on is tame compared to what some people are hoping the truck is capable of).
  2. Rad

    Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    Nope - not sad. That TRX looks great and rugged.
  3. Rad

    Rivian R1T vs F-150 Raptor vs Jeep Wrangler side-by-side

    I agree - the Rivian blue is ok, but I like the Jeep and Raptor blue better.
  4. Rad

    The Rivian Wave?

    I'm pretty sure you will need a subscription with your Rivian in order to do a patented Rivian wave.
  5. Rad

    Rivian and features being sold "cars-as-a-service"?

    If true, that is a very big bummer. There are definitely some items (features) missing from the offering that makes the Rivian a little less appealing.
  6. Rad

    Price Increase for Preorder Holders?

    I think that preorders will not have a price increase (preorders may not include all, but maybe up through a certain date). However, Rivian will make up for the margin hits with the subscription fees.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities (Pics & Updates)

    Seems like we should be getting close to when reservation holders can be invited to see and test drive the trucks.... :).
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    Confident RIVN Price Prediction and why I purchased more today

    If the stock price stays above $100 - I wonder how long it will be before they do a secondary offering? At the current valuation - they should put as much in the bank as possible.
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    Looking to purchase your Launch Edition

    Makes sense and I might just do that. I'm sitting on an early reservation (#1533) and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to see/touch/drive the R1T before having to decide to buy? I'm sure it is going to be great, but as it is now it doesn't check all the boxes for me. Alternatively, it'd...
  10. Rad

    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    mar/apr 2022. Nov 27 2018 reservation date. R1T. LE. El Cap. Black interior. 20".
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    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    R1T. Nov 27 2018 reservation date. "Launch Edition R1T delivery window is now March-April 2022". Bah humbug. At least it gives us plenty of time to look at all the other EVs coming to market.
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    8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    Did they send you an email in advance letting you know they were calling? Thanks!
  13. Rad

    Apple CarPlay and Android for R1T / R1S?

    Seems like some Rivian features and capabilities will require a subscription. Like it or hate it - it seems like Rivian is moving forward with a recurring revenue model. Software companies have had this issue in converting perpetual software licenses into subscriptions - it took a long time...
  14. Rad

    Take delivery before a test drive?

    It isn't a requirement, but it is very desirable to have a test drive before having to place the official order. Rivian has the Assurance - money back, return policy (7 days, <1000 miles, etc) - I wonder what costs would not be refunded (delivery? other? the purchase contract will tell us...
  15. Rad

    Tax Credit Proposal - House Bill 11/3

    Good find. It will be interesting to see what changes will be made in the proposed bill.
  16. Rad

    Rivian planning 623,000 square foot addition in Normal

    Planning ahead for new models - hopefully the R1X line.... :)
  17. Rad

    RJ Appears to Confirm R1X (Jeep Fighter) Will Be Next Product

    I wonder what the product release cycle will be - R1T currently "in production"; R1S "soon" to be in production (by end of Q4, early Q1 '22) and then .....??? Maybe they are close enough on the R1S and upon completion of the IPO that they will start to provide some forward looking guidance...
  18. Rad

    Pre-IPO "Quiet Period" and (lack of) Announcements

    Just my perspective: We'll find out "soon" enough what's in the S-1 Registration Statement - there will be plenty of details to mull over. Once that is made public, there will also be a huge push on getting orders out the door - analysts and others will be looking at numbers and RIVN (or...
  19. Rad

    First Midnight R1T + Other Rivians Spotted at Breckenridge, CO Press Drive Event ⛰

    I haven't been keeping up with the various threads/forum post, so sorry in advance if this has been explained elsewhere. Is midnight a new color? Thanks!
  20. Rad

    🔋 Official EPA Range and MPGe Numbers for R1T & R1S

    Dang - that's not what I was expecting (anticipated 250+). Real world...bites.