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  1. Roof Top Tents- My Pet Peeve

    I actually just found that last night, then went down a rabbit hole watching some of his other videos. Beautiful photography. The awning is an Eezi-Awn Bat 270. He has a video where he goes through his whole setup. Very interesting.
  2. Has anyone on this forum received a confirmed delivery date?

    Hopefully our lawmakers don't drag their feet on this too long. I saw on their maps from the IPO presentation they showed a service station in the Harrisburg area, but I guess that is contingent on all of this too.
  3. Factory production floor - recent look

    When there is an issue you will. Have seen it several times.
  4. Tire Plans Dashed

    That's not the same size, but would probably work. There are 10 all-season tires listed in the correct size. Looking at it, most are E...
  5. Tire Plans Dashed

    If you just search for the tire size you get 30 something tires of varying types. The issue is most likely with load ratings, due to the weight of the R1T.
  6. Tire Rack now lists Rivian R1T / R1S

    It will be interesting when they have it available to look at aftermarket wheels.
  7. Rivian R1T MAX PACK delivery update from customer service -- Q1 2023 Possible

    Seems to be a lot of people on the thread in the same boat. I have a Silverado EV reservation as well (not first edition). I fully intend to get the R1T, but cancelling the max pack (or a huge price increase) would definitely push me to the Silverado.
  8. Limestone vs Launch Green - Direct Color Comparison

    I think it just gives you every possible contour on one panel. Sharp creases, large radius bends, small radius bend, concave and convex surfaces.
  9. Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    Can't remember where I got this, but had it saved. Also, not carbon inserts, that was just a concept. Actual inserts are plastic.
  10. Anyone buying the $500 Rivian Wall Charger?

    I was going to wait for this, but ended up picking up a Chargepoint Home Flex. Was a little more than buying it with the truck, but I can use it for the next year and a half with our Volt. Already use a Chargepoint charger at work, so it is nice to not need yet another app.
  11. Cybertruck production delayed until 2023 says Reuters report

  12. Change Alexa wake word?

    There used to be a section in the manual to change the word, but that has been removed. Looks like now it is either use Alexa or disable.
  13. Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    I voted maybe before it was clarified that the one pack should be the large pack. My caveat was that if the one pack was the max pack I would be a yes. Now that is clarified, I am a firm no, and have changed my vote to reflect.
  14. F-150 Lightning announced pricing pushing buyers to Rivian

    So..... Lightning prices....
  15. LIMESTONE Rivian Club

    I still think once the launch edition has completed they will reformulate launch green to be slightly more gray, and that will be limestone. Now that doesn't account for launch edition people that picked limestone, but there is no room for reason in my tin foil cap.
  16. Do you think Rivian should only have one battery pack? (Large Pack)

    Depends on which one it is. If they drop everything but the Max pack, then yes. If they drop the Max pack, I'm out. I do think they could get rid of the small pack, or any reference to it. As much as I want a truck delivery sooner rather than later, I do think they are right to focus on one...
  17. Meet the new SilvErado!

    I’m still hoping not to need the Silverado reservation but good to know I can get it for a fair price if I do have to go this route.
  18. Meet the new SilvErado!

    Just confirmed with my dealer they are selling for MSRP, no markup. Figured they would because they market themselves that way on Corvettes and other high demand vehicles, but finally got confirmation from the manager.
  19. Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    Tread pattern does look right. Looks like they have the 285/55R22 which is almost a 35 and a 33X12.5R22LT. Both are E load range and over 60lbs vs the quoted 37 for the stock Pirellis. Would definitely hurt the range.
  20. Real Life Photos of the Rivian Wheels / Rims Options [Compilation]

    I don’t hate it. Wonder what size those tires are. They look bigger than a 34 or 35.