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  1. Article: Tesla's Cybertruck May Not Actually Happen

    There definitely won't be any Cybertrucks this year (at least for customers). 2 years ago I thought there would be some by now, but Tesla has a lot going on and I don't know how long it will take to get enough 4680 batteries, plus the manufacturing of a brand new stainless steel model is not...
  2. Real World Range Numbers – From R1T Owners

    I just watched a video on the Hyundai Ioniq charging, and the pre-heating of the battery. It was pretty slow getting the battery initially charging speed was not the 150 kW promised. Maybe the Hyundai approach needs improvement.
  3. RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    The stock price doesn't matter to him...until the day he sells shares. It is back to the IPO price, so I am sure he is perfectly fine with that. It was a higher price than they originally thought they could get.
  4. Rivian R1T MAX PACK delivery update from customer service -- Q1 2023 Possible

    Not always, if you ordered a Max pack in 2018 or 2019, they sent you an email saying the Max pack would be built and sold first. It was in November 2020 that Rivian flipped on that promise, and said now LEs would come out first. With the standard battery size.
  5. NA Truck of the Year Finalists: Rivian R1T vs Ford Maverick Side by Side

    I would love to see a Rivian in the Wild parked next to a Ford Ranger. Rivian owners.....make it happen! And thank you.
  6. Meet the new SilvErado!

    I think we can expect the EV Silverado to be in that $70,000 dollar range. At less in 2024 and 2025. GM isn't going to leave money on the table....
  7. Meet the new SilvErado!

    GM will do fine with selling this EV Silverado. There are plenty of GM brand loyalists that will wait for this to come out, and they will buy it. If you are a Rivian buyer, it might not be your taste, but the folding midgate will be cool, and it has the easy open frunk, and 400 miles of range...
  8. Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    The dealers are going to be under a lot of pressure. The manufacturers will not leave much on the table for the dealers to dip into as far as subscriptions go. And honestly, the average guy or gal resists committing to monthly subscriptions, and sure aren't accustom to doing that for their car.
  9. Rants and Raves after 2 months of Rivian R1T ownership [DISCLAIMER: Unauthorized feedback from non-owner]

    Can you imagine if you wait 3 years, or more, to get your Rivian and then when you take delivery it has significant problems. Man, that would be heart breaking. I am pulling for Rivian all the way, but I can see Ford and Chevy doing okay with their EV pickup trucks. They have the experience...
  10. Current daily production rate

    This building cars thing must be hard. 10 cars a day? Somewhere Ford is laughing. I wonder what is taking so long to ramp. Maybe it is not the factory. Maybe it is all the support people necessary to get the finished product into the hands of the buyers.
  11. R1S Production: ADVENTURE starts May 2022 and EXPLORE starts August 2022 (Per Rivian CS). Delivery timeline emails next week!

    So basically going back to early 2019 when they said the R1T would be out "soon", you might get yours by the fall of 2022. Given up getting excited. I guess it will come when it comes.
  12. Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    You have some valid points. What is the delay now? Why not crank out some vehicles from that pretty factory. The factory is ready. Cmon RJ, build some vehicles...and deliver them!
  13. Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    Do we know if it could be Herndon? I just want them to have a service center. That way we have a better chance of getting our R1T sooner. Make it so.
  14. 2021 Q3 Rivian Shareholder Letter – December 16, 2021. 71K Preorders Received

    The slow ramp is pretty frustrating. I know it is hard (see Elon's comments), but if they only deliver 20,000 R1Ts in 2022 that ain't going to look good. They bought the factory back in 2017 I believe. They should have had a better plan to ramp once production started. Sigh.
  15. 2021 Q3 Rivian Shareholder Letter – December 16, 2021. 71K Preorders Received

    See ya around Old Town when we get our R1T......we are scheduled sOOn.
  16. Just Ordered my Rivian R1S. Hoping to have it by Christmas...

    I want to know where to get 7% guaranteed! Hook me up please! I have a whole stocking full of cash earning close to .005%.
  17. R1T Towing Range Sneak Peek — 44 Miles of Predicted Range with 37% Battery Remaining

    Another reason Ford's sales of F250 and F350 with large GAS tanks will continue for many years to come. I think the Rivian, the Ford Lightning, and Cybertruck will all have challenges towing any distance greater than 150 miles. PS Also a good reason to go for the Max Pack. Starting with a...
  18. Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    They overpromised, and under delivered. < insert excuses here > They original promised deliveries would start in 2020. Then the pandemic pushed it to June 2021. Then they changed that and said "September 2021". Then they said it would definitely be Oct/Nov 2021. Now we are talking after...
  19. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    I am a Max Pack R1T pre-order as well. NO EMAIL. I chatted with Rivian today. The response was "Adventure customers will get an email at the end of the year with a delivery window."