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  1. moosehead

    12-Hour EV Test in Cold Temps (in a Mach-E)

    I Idled in an Electric Car for 12 Hours in the Freezing Cold - InsideHook Sure, there are variables including not leaving the driveway after a brief Starbux run, but this is interesting.
  2. moosehead

    Factory production floor - recent look

    I just hope Rivian's production engineers are as focused as their secret police.
  3. moosehead

    Rivian partners with Under Canvas to bring EV charging to luxury campsites

    My 14 y.o. son can arc it like a Las Vegas fountain. His dad cannot.
  4. moosehead

    "day one" of "not a good day" for $RIVN

    Is there a COO search?
  5. moosehead

    Rivian partners with Under Canvas to bring EV charging to luxury campsites

    I don't disagree with the commentary that UC might be a bit premium priced. You can still sleep on your bed top tent, just don't break a leg taking a leak at night. But as an investor now in both companies, I'm good with it. It's an even better brand and lifestyle partner for Rivian...
  6. moosehead

    Rivian partners with Under Canvas to bring EV charging to luxury campsites

    Under Canvass is a tremendous company and great partner for Rivian.
  7. moosehead

    Drag Races: Rivian R1T vs Ram TRX and Model Y Performance

    As has been stated elsewhere in this forum, splitting hairs between 3.2 and 3.9 sec 0-60 is mute, as is comparing splits with certain sneakers. 99% of US drivers have never seen this kinda dig outta the hole for any vehicle. Hope the brakes are as effective considering the bulk of this eyeball...
  8. moosehead

    GEAR TUNNEL & PETS -- SAFE? Why or why not??

    The Turd Tunnel, Hairball Highway, Puke Passage, Anxiety Alley.
  9. moosehead

    What are Rivian investors (DSP) doing in 2022 market

    I did not jump in on the DSP after they raised the threshold +/- $20 per share, but did start feathering in at $75 today. Still feels rich to me despite belief in the vehicles themselves. Agree with @RWerksman's HODL view.
  10. moosehead

    TFL goes hands on with Rivian R1T

    ^@Max, you're going to see TL's 7 days of flogging the Rivian. Seems like a worthwhile third-party test. The IG is the real deal for high altitude tow test. 9k' elevation to 11k' elevation in 8 miles. A few high speed curves for added pucker factor. The downhill version of the IG has two...
  11. moosehead

    TFL goes hands on with Rivian R1T

    Whatever the past ill will, these guys seem completely over it. Giggling about most every feature and highlighted top notch fit and finish.
  12. moosehead

    TFL goes hands on with Rivian R1T

    7 day TFL test. OR, drag race, ranch work, road trip, towing. Is that a Ram TRX cage match in the making?
  13. moosehead

    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    Years ago I experienced the CO gouge at a Jeep dealer on a newly issued SRT Grand Cherokee. They literally used a sharpie to mark right on the window sticker “+$12k Market Adjustment”. Have never been back, and never will despite having been a repeat customer. Have since only purchased cars...
  14. moosehead

    CNBC: Bill Ford is doubling down on Ford shares, and quietly amassing more control

    @Rob Stark, as stated, some may not like Ford. I happened to own a GMC Sierra 6.2L with heavy tow package as I did not care for the recent gen aluminum and Ecoboost F150 tow manners. Hopefully, the RS1 replaces my Sierra, including for towing loads. That said, Ford's accomplishments are...
  15. moosehead

    CNBC: Bill Ford is doubling down on Ford shares, and quietly amassing more control

    While many may not like Ford, they have a bit of a grand slam going with the Bronco, Maverick, Ford Lightning, Mach E. Feels like a Bronco EV is imminent. Add the foundation of perennial best selling F150. Their volume production capabilities and financials are solid, and they did not blink...
  16. moosehead

    I’m backkkkk. What do you want to see / know?

    Best wishes to good health and thanks for this overture. I'd like to see your NDA, contribute to your legal defense fund if needed, and pics of both 188cm+ skiis and bikes mounted on the bed crossbars. Please and thanks.
  17. moosehead

    Rivian teams up with Adopt a Charger to install FREE chargers at state and national parks

    Smart move. Natty Park visitation is strong and high volume over decades, and right in Rivian customer's wheelhouse.
  18. moosehead

    F-150 Lightning announced pricing pushing buyers to Rivian

    It will be quite a few years before both of these largest and wealthiest consumers wane away. The Boomers were the largest and wealthiest demographic, until being replaced by GenX in numbers at least. It would be foolish to ignore this massive purchasing power, especially given their love for...
  19. moosehead

    The "news" did not change the price of $RIVN.

    After hours trading today absolutely looks correlative to the after closing news of the COO "planned" departure. RIVN closed at $81.44 and as of 800PM is at $78.75. I would agree with you that Rivian is a long-term speculative stock with consumer tailwinds. However, I do not believe they have...
  20. moosehead

    Porsche Taycan beats EPA rating in winter!

    Denver Paulie, did you look at the Audi Etron GT at all? Would be interested in your thoughts. Thanks.