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  1. Bbernardo

    R1S delivery window

    First half of 2023 R1S Adventure - 7 seat - Offroad - El Cap - Large pack DFW, TX 5/21 preorder
  2. Bbernardo

    Many Launch Edition R1T spotted on transport!

    Today I spotted 2 transport trucks full of R1Ts heading west on I-40 near Santa Rosa, NM today while heading home to TX from CO.
  3. Bbernardo

    Why is there a dead peddle on the drivers side but not the passengers? Can it be removed?

    My tacoma has a dead pedal and I use it to get leverage when I want/need (especially useful when off road)
  4. Bbernardo

    Front Light Bar mod / customizing ideas?

    Power level 9000
  5. Bbernardo

    Front Light Bar mod / customizing ideas?

    My wife will have blast coming up with ideas for this with her cricut.
  6. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    Rock it if you want to. Shouldn't have any drawbacks if it hangs off the back
  7. Bbernardo

    Dear Rivian...R1T WISHLIST BELOW

    Wishlist/pipedream yeah but I mean we will already have a built in compressor... maybe on the R1X(treme) build
  8. Bbernardo

    Can R1T Take Me There?

    Doesn't look like they aired down much at all or any. In my H3 I'll drop down to 12psi if I need the grip. It'll very interesting to see what pressures the R1 vehicles will like.
  9. Bbernardo

    R1S capability vs R1T offroad?

    I plan on having a full size spare strapped in the cargo area... compact spare won't cut it for me
  10. Bbernardo

    Dear Rivian...R1T WISHLIST BELOW

    I'd like to see active tire pressure management. Being able to air down on a trail from the cab if I need a bigger contact patch and air back up automagically. I can finally toss out those annoying air pressure bleeders. Oh yeah where's the winch details!?
  11. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    No worries! Yes you can definitely access truck doors with the ladder out. Also RTT deployed means ladder is deployed. No way I'd have the RTT unfolded without the ladder lock and doing its part to support
  12. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    The weatherproof cover for the RTT can be rolled up and stored out of the way for the door(s) to be functional. You can see how it rolls up in this clip where we are teaching our pup to get into the RTT. My roof rack on the H3 is a low profile so I would expect on the Rivians to be even easier...
  13. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    To piggy back on this comment. Even if they don't match you can send the cores to Yakima and request a matching set. I wouldn't bet that the loading bars and the RTT will come matching.
  14. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    My wife and I are similar height as you and have enough space in the RTT with our 45lb pup there too. You guys would be packed IMO.
  15. Bbernardo

    Roof Top Tent - Should I?

    Have had my Yakima Skyrise for a few years now and definitely enjoy having it. That being said we bought it from REI during the annual garage sale weekend and got a huge discount on a barely used one (rainfly poles were still in packaging). I wouldn't have spent full price on it but for less...
  16. Bbernardo

    Which furry friend will be riding in your Rivian?

    My three backseat crew. Maddie - 13yr black lab Roxy - 13yr old heeler/lab Charles - 8yr chocolate lab
  17. Bbernardo

    ROOFTOP TENTS--What are your experiences with this type of tent?

    It should transferable to another vehicle no probably. It's pretty much just a branded Yakima Skyrise RTT.
  18. Bbernardo

    R1T Climbing Hells Gate - Amazing Video

    Love that flex with the front passenger tire!
  19. Bbernardo

    Test Drive Invitations are arriving! And First Mile events tab now available

    Question for those that got to get tipsy with Off Road mode. Did the main screen any telemetry like pitch or tilt? Also for leveling purposes for the RTT?
  20. Bbernardo

    Roof Rack Arrangements for R1S

    I was thinking about roof racks for the R1S this weekend and think I'd prefer to get a full length roof rack. A Gobi or Frontrunner pique my interest. Also looking at a ladder setup to help getting to the roofline.