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  1. lostpacket

    Factory production floor - recent look

    y'all might also like this video that shows more of the production process if you haven't already seen it:
  2. lostpacket

    Are these cars just too damn big?

    I would have liked the R1T to be a bit shorter lengthwise personally. I dont need perfectly comfortable room in the backseat, that's where you put the friends who never chipped in for gas money on that road trip in 2007 (that means you, Kevin). And really it just could have been a bit smaller...
  3. lostpacket

    RJ Posts video of Rivian R1Ts waiting for delivery

    I didn't see a single truck painted purple with pink polka dots. I am beginning to grow concerned they may never offer this color.
  4. lostpacket

    Pick up experience?

    I gotchu OP you can come back to this thread on your delivery day. 🎉 🥳
  5. lostpacket

    Hyundai Ioniq 5

    Shady Dealership: My business model is under threat. ....Wait, I know, I will price gouge our high end customers during a global pandemic despite making record profits. That's sure to cause public opinion to go my way!
  6. lostpacket

    Rivian teams up with Adopt a Charger to install FREE chargers at state and national parks ADOPT A CHARGER AND RIVIAN ANNOUNCE COLLABORATION TO INSTALL EV CHARGERS IN NATIONAL PARK AND RECREATION AREAS January 13, 2022 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE...
  7. lostpacket

    Rivian’s Stock Slide Deepens as Operating Chief Steps Down

    Are you sure? I applied for the job and my Linked-in is private. Maybe that's why I didn't get it?! Shit. Seriously though, folks in this thread have more nuanced takes than you're giving them credit for. People get hired with adjacent experience in business all the time -- especially at...
  8. lostpacket

    Why I’m content waiting for delivery…

    Somewhat relatedly I was looking at a VW ID.4 as a holdover and subscribed to r/vwiD4Owners/ which I have been reading off and on since thanksgiving. Been seeing a lot of software and electrical problems. At first I chalked it up to selection bias (those with issues speak up). But lately the...
  9. lostpacket

    WTB: advanced reservation - R1T

    People people people! Can we please get back on topic?! What do y'all think of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay? Do you think we'll be able to get extra cup holders via OTA?
  10. lostpacket

    The "news" did not change the price of $RIVN.

    Lol got a nice Twitter based promotion before resigning
  11. lostpacket

    Explore to Adventure Package

    I dont think we've seen any evidence of this and the data collected from the spreadsheets indicate it's more likely that preorder date still matters within folks who have the same config as you. From what I can tell someone with as early a preorder date as OP has is looking at Q2/Q3 2022
  12. lostpacket

    Rivian’s Stock Slide Deepens as Operating Chief Steps Down

    Looking at his linked in, it looks like he had a massive amount of motorcycle experience, but no car or truck experience. I am like the last person qualified to judge as my manufacturing experience consists of occasionally googling a 3d printer I may someday want to buy. But, I can't help but...
  13. lostpacket

    Off Road Package for R1T LE ?

    This is pretty embarrassing but I kinda just like the look of the front tow hooks
  14. lostpacket

    Nanotech Organolyte Batteries

    Wow what? I think you totally misread my tone. I am saying their stuff sounds promising (which is a very good thing!) but I am not qualified to know. I think it's very cool to hear about this, I just summarized what I read in the article. I am like completely unsure why you seem offended.
  15. lostpacket

    Nanotech Organolyte Batteries

    Some exciting claims in the article and video linked in it. - Faster charging (no details provided on this) - potentially easily recycled (no details provided on this) - non-flammable - higher energy density (I guess this translates indirectly to capacity?) The volumetric energy density...
  16. lostpacket

    Nanotech Organolyte Batteries

    I am guessing you are reacting to "Organolyte" which appears to be a marketing term portmanteau of organic-electrolyte which appears to be graphene. It's a silly term but your joke is a bit off the mark I think. Organic in this context just means carbon-hydrogen bonds. Anyways I dont know...