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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Pre-Order #44720 Date: 5/18/20
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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    I don't disagree, but If they did do something I could see a scenario where they take "the skateboard" and do some custom assembly on top of that themselves. The skateboard is really the hard part(and not Amazon's forte). If you think about the modular/utilitarian nature of a delivery vehicle...
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    Anyone worried?

    Amazon has a bigger bet than all of us at this point. Nobody bet on Tesla up front. I like their chances but always risk with new Tech. Tesla got a decent product out the door in less time....and with a shockingly small investment compared to Rivian's war chest. Extrapolating...these guys...
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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    I found this article to bring a good/different perspective. When folks compare Tesla to Rivian one thing that should be mentioned(it's a positive) is “When Tesla was young, they struggled with getting big suppliers to commit,”. Statement of the obvious I know but Rivian has a much more...