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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    I'll go along with that, voice control of my Garmin 55 dashcam is hit & miss, especially with music playing.
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    Smartphones, you're supposed to look at the screen; driving, you're supposed to look at the road.... Touch controls are fine for one but not the other, guess which ;)
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    That's a pretty decent sized array for a domestic setup, shouldn't be any issues charging an EV with that!
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    Are we sure they can't fit 35 inch tires?

    Put it this way, the standard tyres on my Landcruiser are 32" and that has not held me back. 34" tyres on the R1T will be great!
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    Why are you buying your Rivian?

    I'd look at buying an R1T when the wife and I retire (depending on the economic fallout from Covid-19) and move to a rural property. The main attraction for me is the dual-cab ute format: cabin space for passengers or to lock up gear and the cargo bed would come in handy for typical dirty farm...
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    Exactly. Don't forget too that electricity utilities are in the business of selling power. The greater the demand for electricity, the more money they can make, so they will find ways to upgrade infrastructure to cope with any increased load.
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    Scaringe: Rivian Considering Subscription Based Ownership Option

    As long as it is optional, I'm cool with that. I prefer to purchase outright.
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    Custom electric camp stove for the gear tunnel debuts at Overland Expo

    Looks like a top idea to me :like:
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Plain, boring Bright White for me please! (Best colour for the hot summers here.)
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    Rivian May Introduce Swappable Module System (Check Our Previews Inside)

    Love the option of a flat bed (almost) for forklift loading from back or sides! :like:
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    R1S & R1T are going to Australia!

    That is good news indeed! The R1T is ideally suited for Australia, given the love affair we have with dual-cab utes. Although Australia is only a very small market compared to the US and Europe, it has some challenges in terms of distance between major population centres, and amount of...