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    Anyone worried?

    I no longer have my Z4M (except on paper) as my young daughter "borrowed the convertible" months ago :) Half-assed retired, I work from home, my wife drives the i3s, and I just take a Lyft whenever I go anywhere (or make arrangements with my wife). Not having a vehicle here is no problem at...
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    Video: NO OTHER Car Has These 5 Features ...Except for RIVIAN!

    The significantly higher efficiency and flatter curve of the synchronous reluctance motor per the chart above surprised me. There's a good article about motor differences at
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    Probably. BMW did that for my i3s. They did verify my income first before offering the price reduction incentive, so I'm guessing the end buyer's tax category still applies even when leasing.
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    Video: NO OTHER Car Has These 5 Features ...Except for RIVIAN!

    While four motors can allow torque vectoring, which is certainly handy in dynamic situations, in normal driving there may be a power reduction available depending on design. If the gear reductions are different front and back then there are optimizations available...
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    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    I'd suspect they'll let everyone configure at their convenience and then daily or weekly they'll start scheduling the build to fill the orders sorted by price, with the position number being the tiebreaker.
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    GM to Help Expand EVgo Charging

    EV spots in mall parking lots would have a lot more uptake if laws were passed and rigidly enforced protecting them, otherwise it's just going to be a bunch of diesel pickups sitting in them.
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    Let's Compare Features CT vs Rivian. Keep it objective

    I think it makes sense either way. My i3s gets used just that way for short range, but is just a little too short range for comfort for any longer range trip. I expect my R1T mostly will also be used short range but will have longer range ability but that obviously comes at a premium. I think...
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    #14,178 8/2/2019 R1T I can't wait for one of you smart guys plots this and we can see how linear (or not) it is.
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    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    My thought is that the date RJ has shared with us of June 2021 is very firm internally to the company for execution. He/They've proceeded very methodically here, and I think half the reason people view it as too slow is because the only other successful car startup they compare it to is Tesla...
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    Anyone want to buy my spot in line for a R1S?

    Everyone's circumstances are different.
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    Rivian is already lobbying. What does it want?

    "A company has two three choices. " 4) Sue any company, with anything you think might stick to the wall, that looks like a near term threat but is too big to just buy and bury.
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    what is the voltage system for the Rivian compared to Tesla?

    In a lot of places the resale of electrical power comes with limitations that were imposed on the producer because they're a utility, including resale not allowed, so some EV charging stations have even tried pricing the parking space and giving the power away. Every single contract is...
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    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    The DOJ and FTC state that any agreement limiting hiring between employers that are competing for the same employees is a per se antitrust violation that may result in civil or criminal liability
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    Ford Mach E 1400 HP, 7 motors and a 57kWh battery pack but it looks fun....

    I don't like it when companies sell me a "limited edition" product (the First Edition Bronco 2021) with the elevated pricing encompassing that supposed availability and they actually sell twice as many as they stated they would before the sale, and then tell you about it afterwards - approaching...
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    Ford Mach E 1400 HP, 7 motors and a 57kWh battery pack but it looks fun....

    Having cancelled both my Mach E and Bronco reservations today, I'm keen to give Rivian money for a rally car to go along with the truck.
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    It's an option for a product two years from production.
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    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    The two-tone leather interior of the new Bronco is rather stylish.
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    Off-Roading 101: Ford and Jeep Compete & Whither Rivian

    That was a nice detailed examination. I'd love to read an engineering level review of the Rivian platform, even (or maybe especially) if it was written by an engineer working on it.
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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    I'm in the same boat. My wife's i3s lease expires this coming April, and my disappointment with BMW's general attention to EVs led me to put a deposit on the Mach E, but looking at the per month pricing with Ford's equivalent of a lease ("Ford Options") they seem to believe that the residual...
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    "EVPassport To Offer $39/Month Unlimited EV Charging, Interoperability, More"

    What EV and other companies want is a predictable cash flow. If the $39 per month (or perhaps some other price) could be banked by the buyer and then used at his convenience, it'd be a different matter. The company could get their cash flow, and users could leave on a cross country trip...