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    Video Feature: Long Way Up -- R1T's 13k mile all-electric journey from Patagonia to LA

    Not much new here but good to see MT covering Rivian.
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    What type of rack do you have? The Kuat NV 2.0 makes it fairly easy to tilt the rack and open the back. The new 1up USA rack also makes opening the rear an easy job with the rack on. Both fairly expensive racks, but well worth the money if you ride a lot.
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    Our own "configurator" Thread

    Make it 2 for this configuration!
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    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    Here were the other colors posted at the time.
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    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    Not sure. Someone with better graphic software skills than I posted this photo (and other colors) on the forum many months ago and I grabbed this because I love it. Anyone remember who posted these?
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    Rivian colors samples from recent video

    This is the one I want
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    Good News for Charging Convenience

    FWIW.....When I was at the Atlanta event this past fall I waited my turn to speak with RJ. While speaking with him he asked what model I planned on getting. When I told him the 135 kWh R1T he said that spec was getting ~ 325 miles on a full charge with the street tire spec.
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    Amazon Delivery Van by Rivian - more details, photos, video Amazon just spilled more details on its Rivian electric delivery vans Feb 4, 2020 Amazon and EV partner Rivian are pulling back the curtain on their electric delivery vehicle, detailing...
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    Georgia anyone?

    Email notification. I’d already made a deposit at the time.
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    Georgia anyone?

    You don't say! I'm a UGA fan having grown up in GA, but now live in Knoxville. My kids go to UT, so I cheer for the Vols when they're not playing the Dawgs. Not sure if you went to the Atlanta event back in September but if so we drove down for the event. I'm jonesing for the R1T!. Just...
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    Georgia anyone?

    Close. Tennessee here!
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    San Francisco Rivian Event [Updated with impressions, info, photos]

    Thanks for sharing and great to hear!
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    Possibly More Range...??

    Ahh! Makes sense.
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    Possibly More Range...??

    That's correct. That's what I told him I'd planned on ordering but I'm not sure if that was or wasn't a variable he considered before giving a date.
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    Possibly More Range...??

    FWIW... At the Atlanta event I asked RJ if they were on track to make deliveries in Q4 '20 and he asked what variation I planned on ordering. I told him the R1T 135kWh and he said that battery pack will get 325 - 327 miles on a full charge. He also told me not to expect delivery of it until Q1...
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    Rivian Atlanta Private Preview Event feedback, pics/video

    I don’t remember seeing any kids.