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    When is Rivian going to let someone (non-Rivian) drive one of these?

    I'm ready to drive one. If they make test drives available in Laguna I'll fly from Alaska to LA for that.
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    How excited is everyone?

    I'm excited but I'm sure I'm not getting one untill 2022.
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    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    As of last week when I looked at Plugshare there were a couple of campgrounds/RV parks with 14-50 outlets available but they will not be open in the winter. I emailed with my local power utility and they indicated that more charging options are coming in the "Future".
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    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    I know, until the charging network is set up I'm keeping my ICE truck also.
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    Rivian Battery Poll - VOTE HERE

    180 for me. I live in small town Alaska. I'm about 306 miles from Anchorage and about 350 miles from Fairbanks. With no reliable year round charging in place yet on the road system.
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    Trailer towing capability

    That does like like it. My wife has a Subaru Ascent and it has a panel similar to that covering the tow hitch.
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    Rivian R1T size comparisons

    I received an email from Rivian on June 10 stating the width as 79.3.
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    Plugshare EVSE Sharing

    I'm looking at the same unit. Just can't decide if it goes inside or outside.
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    Lack of Communication??

    I caught that too.
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    Lack of Communication??

    I asked about the configurator today and received the following reply. No problem! Yes, I'm happy to share we are tracking for the launch of configurator later this year! Within the configurator, you’ll be able to customize your R1T with your favorite color, trim level, battery pack options...
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    It sounds to me like you need one of each.
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    R1S vs R1T Decision: Help...and Let's Play

    Great discussion. I'm replacing a truck so I'm going R1T. My wife has a 7 passenger Subaru Ascent.
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    Any other reservation holders in Alaska?