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  1. jacobh

    400+ Escalade EV for 2021— what does this forum think?

    The problem with legacy automakers like GM is that they don't really accomplish much in terms of innovation and EVs. They are structured in a way that is so bureaucratic that every decision takes them 7-10+ years. These companies are also founded on "creating products" not "innovation and doing...
  2. jacobh

    Anyone else not a fan of the seat design?

    Sophia Park (CMF Designer) does some amazing work with the materials and color on the Rivian R1S interior and the R1T. I don't think they could have picked anyone better.
  3. jacobh

    Rivian hires new COO and adds Tesla vets to team

    Looks like Rivian has one stellar team building! With Rod on as COO... I wonder if Rivian has any interest in EV motorcycles to pair with the R1T?! I know Royal Enfield had some EV concepts out there recently: I'd...
  4. jacobh

    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    Oddly, Elon welcomed competition and even has "open patents" on a lot of Tesla's tech so that other car companies have no excuse not to go electric... the mission of "sustainable energy" always came first. With former employees helping to start another EV company (in any form) doesn't that only...
  5. jacobh

    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    Nissan recently announced that they will be using CCS on all new EVs. Looks like CCS will be the new charging standard with the exception of Tesla. So the good news is there will be plenty of places for Rivan trucks to charge outside of Rivian's Adventure Network!
  6. jacobh

    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    Olympic National Park would be an incredible location! Tofino, BC Canada may be another one considering its where Rivian did some filming and photo shoots not long ago.
  7. jacobh

    Rivian has hired GM's rising star Design Engineer Alex Archer

    The legacy automakers that don't innovate and change the direction they are headed into 100% electric platforms will continue to lose exceptional talent like Alex Archer. They're intelligent and forward thinking so they're smart enough to see where the companies are headed and where the future...
  8. jacobh

    Any other Canadians on this group yet?

    Glad to see more Canadians on here! :) I think Rivian may be the perfect EV for Canada... Will be interesting to see how many of them show up on the roads here. The Pacific Northwest and Alberta might be full of Rivians 1+ year after launch.
  9. jacobh

    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    That amazing! The rate that Rivian should be able to produce + deliver later this year/early 2021 will be incredible. Can't wait to see these on the roads.
  10. jacobh

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Understandable. If it looks anything like the mockup on the Nikola website... looks like they might be going after the Ford Raptor fan base.
  11. jacobh

    First official look at White Rivian R1S

    I didn't think I was going to like the white R1S... but it actually looks really clean! Might be difficult to keep it that way if your driving off road though. In places like California, Texas and Arizona a white on white Rivian R1S could be the way to go. Theres something like a 10 degree...
  12. jacobh

    R1S Top Design

    With the longer stretch (as opposed to the taller mockup) the glass roof "opens up" the feel on the inside. In the demo ski adventure video Rivian had it was packed full of people but looked like they had plenty of space. With the size of the batteries I don't know if there is space to shorten...
  13. jacobh

    R1S looking more and more like Range Rover

    Rivian is going to take over the Pacific Northwest with these. An outdoor adventure vehicle that looks better than a Range Rover w/ more capability and 600+km range? Theres no way Range Rover could compete with that unless they offered Range Rovers & Velars with the same 100% electric range.
  14. jacobh

    Rivian R1S in many different colors

    The black R1S looks really good! Would be interested to see a black R1T for comparison. I don't know if its because we're so conditioned to seeing this color but the dark green R1S they keep showing has grown on me. The yellow calipers with the green body actually looks really good. Once Rivian...
  15. jacobh

    Rivian Hatchback in development, says Rivian founder

    That rally car concept looks amazing! If they made something like this it would sell really well. The rivian r1t could be modified by the aftermarket to create something similar if they decide not to make it.
  16. jacobh

    Anyone considering the Nikola Badger alternative?

    Nikola would really have to compete on price + range in order to convince someone who's a fan of Rivian to switch. Rivian's design and branding combined with what your getting is hard to compete with. Its a high end design compared to Nikola's "utility over design" approach. The Badger isn't...
  17. jacobh

    So No Deliveries in 2020?

    While the delivery dates are a bit disappointing its understandable given the circumstances. I would rather them take longer to manufacture/delivery the vehicles than to do it faster and find out there's problems with the vehicles. The wait will be worth it.
  18. jacobh

    Rivian plans own charging network called Rivian Adventure Network!

    The charging network for Rivian was something I was super curious about. For an EV that gets 700km of range it would have been really inconvenient for other EV drivers to be waiting at generic CCS charging stations while the R1T/R1S recharges. Would love to see where they plan on placing the...