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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    R1S Order date : June/12/2020 Order# 50686
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    Anyone worried?

    For #2, I completely understand where you are coming from, and if I was buying the vehicle for heavy duty work, frequently long commutes, or towing capabilities, I would be just as concerned as you and most of R1T hopefuls. For $4, Ford seems like the contender, but I think Ford also uses some...
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    Anyone worried?

    Everyone wishes the same thing, but at no point should the publicity of a person deter them from being criticized. As far as I am concerned, he might be better fit for AP software that RJ, but the realm of software and car manufacturing are not apples to apples. The coupling of both intensified...
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    How Rivian will Rollout the R1T Lineup

    True, I would probably assume that largest battery pack is what is meant. As for the 3rd row, I think I did not state my point clearly, my bad. I meant to say that since both model will be sharing a lot of characteristics, it seems logical ( to me at least ) that the R1T and the 2 row R1S...
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    I looked into this deeply once, I was afraid something will happen to mine. The screen they used is Industrial grade, this sounds good, right? Apparently no, this is very bad as automotive screen must pass a lot more stringent tests which is why they are expensive; which is also why mainstream...
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    Anyone worried?

    It is going to be hard to quote 15 posts so I will pick the ones I could remember :) 1- Updates from the CEO/Owner : Yes, I really would like to see more updates on timelines, sometimes even if they say " We do not know yet" it's better than nothing. The online configuration should be here, and...
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    How Rivian will Rollout the R1T Lineup

    For the point of why the top end tier is coming first and why this might/might not be true. The top tier model usually has the highest profit margins, but the backlog might be more limited than we think it is, however keep in mind that the top tier model does not have 3rd row seating, while...
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    Tesla, Rivian in court over trade secrets

    This can also be a scare tactic, to deter any future plans to do something like that. The legal cost to Tesla is nothing compared to have their intellectual property leaking out. With all that being said, the EV space right now is tight, its the new thing and employees who are smart and...
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    Gasp... pure touch interfaces aren't what consumers want

    I always wondered, since the interface is all screen, could they probably provide a separate gadget for ADA purposes, you just plug it with a USB ( or Bluetooth) and the passenger can have control to certain things on the gadget with knobs and buttons.
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    Possible Tax Credit Loss

    If the Charger will work the same way mail is delivered in my area, then maybe when I charge my car, they will bill my neighbors! What's not to like about that :)
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    Lack of Communication??

    To avoid a lease ( I knew their residual value is unrealistic and their lease rates are high ) and avoid depreciation of a new car once other EVs roll out, I opted for a CPO Tesla. The problem is that I must have Rear Facing Seats to fit 4 kids, so my options were limited to begin with. I...
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    "EVPassport To Offer $39/Month Unlimited EV Charging, Interoperability, More"

    I am not interested in any subscription based paradigms. As Hmp10 mentioned, I charged twice in the past 4 years with a tesla supercharger. I use the Van for long trips, and honestly that costs me about 80 dollars in gas a trip, so it's about the same. The reason for using the Van, the dvd...
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    The pre-orders will be full filled sequentially, however the options might switch few things around. If what we read is still correct, Larger battery packs first, then even if you are up next in line you will be bumped for a while until they start the small battery pack configuration production.
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    Lack of Communication??

    I actually cancelled my Model X reservation, and opted to hang on to my Model S ( with RFS ) until the R1S comes out. I ordered mine late, and I am sure some will drop and some will opt for the small pack that will be produced later. I am really glad I convinced myself to go this route because I...
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    New Official Videos: Off-Roading in the Rivian R1T - Rock Crawling, Trail Run, Drifting

    I have to say, at least from the clips, the stability is insane!
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    Lack of Communication??

    Well I do not think anyone is expecting things to go back to normal anytime soon so probably Rivian has decided to concentrate their resources elsewhere instead of worrying about test drives. Personally, I am not as concerned with the test drive as I am with the configuration site. But I have...
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    5,000 Model 3 Owners Bare All

    I owned a 60S Tesla and I currently have a 90D. As a car, the ride is amazing and more comfortable than most luxury vehicles ( I personally still can't find a ride better than the Lexus LS ), however I had a lot of annoying issues with it, and their service is by far the worst I have...
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    The original timeline was end of 2020 for R1T and R1S to start 3 months later. Now things have been pushed back due to the COVID-19, so I am factoring in 2 to 3 months of delay. I also read that the 180Kw and 135Kw will be available at launch, so if you are getting either one I would expect...
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    Economic Reasons to Buy an EV instead of a gas powered car

    Well my Tesla had a lot of issues and I spend more time in the repair shop than I do for my ICE vehicles. Also if your warranty expired, EV repairs are costly, but they aren't any different than other luxury cars. I charge at home, used a supercharger twice. So I save money and a bit of time...
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    Leather Interior Colors

    Well it really depends on how will you use the vehicle. I like the darker grey, but I think I'll stick to black. Kids find some interesting ways to mess up the interior! I think I'm getting the black in and black out, but that baseball interior looks very classy, maybe once the kids are off to...