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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    January 26th R1T 41,048. Hopefully I can jump the queue if I get the 180 pack
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    Rivian Announces New Timelines - R1T Delivery Begins June 2021 and R1S in August 2021. Pilot Production Starts

    just got the email as well. It’s a little disappointing but I am glad there is a more solid timeframe now, just gives me more time to save up. I am also going back and forth between a R1T and R1S so maybe they will host another live event next year when all of this COVID mess is over.
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    Anyone worried?

    That is a very good point. I don’t think Jeff Bezos is a dumb person by any means, so Amazon‘s continued investments in the company, and their huge order of 100k units, is greatly comforting. Also, I can see them licensing their platform out to more companies than Ford. New platforms are...
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    Rivian drops images of R1T in new color

    This looks like a gold hue to it, I like it!
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    Rivian R2X and R1V model names trademarked

    I would love to see a van option for non-commercial uses!
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    It’s almost like they watch the forums :clap: . I don’t think what they are doing is bad rebalancing is good when growing.
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    Looks like I noticed the trend before it made news!:
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    All good points. It was just a little startling to look at my LinkedIn homepage and see so many people from the same company, but as long as they’re still hiring people and looks like they’re starting construction again I think they’ll pull through to production. I’m very optimistic about the...
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    I won’t name names, but here are their roles: candidate experience partner, associate director, human resources recruiting manager, recruiting coordinator, candidate experience partner, and several more and most of them look like they were let go in May.
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    I am connected with a lot of Rivian employees on LinkedIn and it seems like a significant number of them have been laid off recently. I’ve seen like 8 to 10 in the past week. Could this be a sign of trouble?
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    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    Would love to participate in a survey!
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    Wired Magazine Profile: Rivian Wants to Bring Electric Trucks to the Masses

    That would be huge news if there are different bed lengths. I wonder how that would affect range