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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    Assuming we can get something in this relative price range and configuration around the time my pre-order is deliverable (whenever April 2019 pre-orders are ready) I’d be stoked. I agree with you wholeheartedly around the value proposition and would personally much rather have the go anywhere...
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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    I hadn’t thought of that - it makes sense. I do wonder, with the Tesla juggernaut being what it is, and increasing options from mainstream brands, how many people will want to pay six figures for a brand new car from a (relatively) new company. I guess an extra couple billion in the bank helps...
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    Rivian raises another 2.5B in funding!

    Makes me feel better about the staying power of the company to be sure...perhaps they won’t feel obligated to launch with nothing but the highest end trims with this level of runway added to the balance sheet.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    That's news to me. RN's seem to be highly correlated to when people placed their deposits, and presumably would (roughly) be the order in which they make the cars available to reservation holders (I'm sure some exceptions apply). What makes you think the RN number has nothing to do with when...
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    112746xxx. Considering many early adopters seem to be leaning toward the tri motor I’m hoping my dual motor is even closer to the front.
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    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    I pre-ordered my R1S back in April, but I also took a run at the Cybertruck and pre-ordered the dual motor a minute after Elon announced the pre-order web I’m pretty early in line. My biggest Rivian question is what will the actual selling price of the early R1S’s be? Are they...
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    Lincoln Aviator - wow!

    I know it's apple and oranges, but I'm suspecting the first batch of R1S's will be similar to, if not more than, the Black Label PHEV that comes in around $90k fully loaded. I've been eyeing it for a long time, and sat in a Black Label (not PHEV) at Fashion Island, and it is freaking nice...
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    R1T vs R1S cargo area - how do you plan on utilizing it? Pros vs Cons?

    Want an SUV for carpool duties and taking the kids. camping. R1S fits the bill with 7 seats and solid range. As cool as it was the R1T wasn’t even a consideration. A Model X could probably work, but really want something off-road worthy in the event we go down that path :-)
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    Bored, and anxious for a test drive

    So funny you say this. The more reading I’ve done on the concept of the “hedonic treadmill” the more I know you are 100% right. We all have our baseline level of happiness, and no matter the car we buy or the stuff we have, we’ll inevitably revert to that place. So...spending $100k on a Rivian...