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  1. Tesla Driver calls Cop on Rivian Driver

    EV sentiment continuous to deteriorate even among EV owners. Welcome to the EV civil war. https://www.pcmag.com/news/tesla-owner-calls-police-on-rivian-driver-using-supercharger
  2. Progressive Insurance - Cheaper Renewal

    I thought I may need to reconsider my R1S this month as I was fully expecting a rate increase. My premium dropped $40 to $1100 for 6 months. This should cover the cost of vampire drain.
  3. Lake Charles, La RAN coming SooooN

    Looks like 5 spots and 1 trailer spot. Enjoy access to sonic, target, and a walk to the Casino
  4. Will R2 / R3 get LFP batteries?

    Does anyone know if the R2 or R3 will get the LFP battery? I do not think anything was mentioned. Thanks
  5. Vampire Drain - getting worse?

    Previously I would lose 1 mile now I am losing 3. Not the end of the world but frustrating nonetheless. I am curious if the widget running is part of the problem.
  6. Update: Baton Rouge, Louisiana RAN now open!

    Sorry for the poor pic but 5 chargers and 1 trailer charger in Baton Rouge
  7. Cleaner recommendation for R1S Black Plastic Liftgate?

    Any recommendations on what to use to clean the plastic around the glass? I used chemical guys VRP, great on the fenders/door bottom but it leaves streaks on the liftgate. Thanks for any recommendations.
  8. ATT not working on my cell but LTE service is working on RIVN

    I found it strange that ATT is out in my area but Spotify, nav, etc still work. It is actually quite nice to be halfway off the grid today.
  9. Driver+ disengages every time I move my hand

    I recently drove an hour on interstate 10. most times I engaged driver + it disengaged. The few times it engaged, it would disengage every time I moved my hands. Am I doing something wrong? This is my second time using driver + in 6 months and I appears to be terrible. #rivianfanboy
  10. WSJ coming around to EVs

    I have always enjoyed reading Dan’s columns. https://www.wsj.com/lifestyle/cars/youve-formed-your-opinion-on-evs-now-let-me-change-it-6c6fd1c1
  11. EV accidents

    For the record, I have a Jeep Wrangler with no back-up camera and I have not forgot to turn my head.
  12. 1 week away vampire drain

    I was gone for a week and lost 3%. Recently it seems like 1% per day was this consensus. Mine was left in my garage so no gear guard running.
  13. Can I only get an alignment at a service center?

    I am 3 hours away from a service center. Has anyone got an alignment from a local tire center? I have a slight drift to the right or maybe it’s just inertia of a 7000lb suv
  14. Tesla Magic Dock Prices

    Quick research on charging in Ruston, La Tesla-.32kwh Magic dock-.42 EA(in Monroe, La) .48 this is about what I thought would happen with TSLA pricing.
  15. Vegan Leather Longevity

    Every car with leather I have owned, always has cracks on the left-hand side of the driver’s seat. Do we think vegan leather will hold up better, worse, or the same?
  16. Louisiana Travelers

    I just noticed there are currently 3 Tesla Magic Docks in Louisiana, Natchitoches, Ruston, and Monroe. Thanks to all of the Dallas travelers that go to Florida, you have enabled Buc-ees and Magic Docks.
  17. Anker Solix 3800

    Any upside to using this for EV charging? A full battery will give you about 7 miles. https://www.anker.com/anker-solix/a1790-pps
  18. Texas Sold: NIB-Wall Charger $600

    I am willing to arrange pickup between Houston and New Orleans. I have decided to keep my old charging set-up.
  19. Double Check Your Purchase Agreement

    Rivian had the wrong sales tax on mine. I am still waiting on the update. Looks like it should be here sOOOOOn
  20. How Many Charging Apps Do You Have?

    Or am I just doing this wrong? I just recently completed a vacation in a Bolt (yes not a Rivian). I currently have: Charge Point EVGo Electrify American PlugShare ABRP MyChevrolet Is there a best practice for charging or is this just the reality until RAN is built out? I will not go on a...