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  1. azbill

    Brake Failure and Axle Boot Tear

    I used to build demolition derby cars and always removed the front calipers and cut the lines. The rear drums still worked fine. It was too easy to get the front wheels locked up by the calipers after all the side impacts.
  2. azbill

    XM Radio coming when?

    I think it has already been confirmed, there is no antenna for satellite in the truck. If the antenna was there, and they are using SDR (software defined radio), then an OTA would work.
  3. azbill

    $1700 Service Center ONLY Windshield Replacement is UNSUSTAINABLE !

    I found the issue, there is a rubber piece between the fender, hood and A pillar that is getting pinched and moved when the hood opens. Rivian is going to have to replace it, because the locking tab is broken on that side. It got damaged when they replaced the windshield.
  4. azbill

    $1700 Service Center ONLY Windshield Replacement is UNSUSTAINABLE !

    Got mine back from Rivian yesterday with my new windshield. Today I find that my frunk will not close automatically, it sees an obstruction.:(
  5. azbill

    Do you agree with the rivian rating at your local dcfc?

    Both Google Maps and Ford Nav are using Plugshare data for the ratings. They both use 1 to 5 stars rather than 1 to 10 score, but it is obvious looking at the ratings they are based on Plugshare. Ford will even show the actual Plugshare comments in their phone app, but only the rating in the...
  6. azbill

    Reno to Tucson... Can't get there from here.

    I did Phoenix to Tahoe roundtrip last summer, took about 14 hours each way using 395. On my return, I did 4 charging stops, averaging 25 minutes each. I did 5 stops on the way up, because the truck was lying to me about my range, could have made it in 4 stops that way too.
  7. azbill

    Any comparisons between the Rivian R1S and Hummer EV SUV?

    I have an quad motor R1T and a Hummer SUT. But they are kind of apples to oranges, since I have the road tires (21") on the Rivian and the full off road package with MT tires on the Hummer. With the big battery the Hummer is better for towing and it charges like crazy It is still at 200kw out...
  8. azbill

    2024.11.2 Software Update Released! => Release Notes: Send Navigation, Mapping, Charging Feedback/Scores + Rear Display Improvements + More

    I got the update on Monday. One positive improvement for me is that the truck seems to now unlock sooner when I approach it (away from home). Have not had to stand by the door for 5-10 seconds.
  9. azbill

    $1700 Service Center ONLY Windshield Replacement is UNSUSTAINABLE !

    Rivian claims they have to recalibrate, even if a third party does the install. Got my Mach E window replaced recently and the guy drove it a couple of miles to do the self calibration. Insurance paid directly, I do not even know what the cost was.
  10. azbill

    $1700 Service Center ONLY Windshield Replacement is UNSUSTAINABLE !

    Mine gets replaced tomorrow by Phoenix service center, $1800 for my R1T. Will have to submit to insurance to get reimbursed.
  11. azbill

    What's current experience like with windshield replacement?

    Taking mine in to the Phoenix service center tomorrow for replacement. Have to then get my insurance to reimburse me. Rivian pointed me to a certified collision center in Phoenix area, they did not do glass, so they pointed me to a glass company supposedly approved by Rivian. That company...
  12. azbill

    Question regarding Supercharging

    I am just over 1000 on the Ford order list and haven't gotten mine. Seems like in the first two weeks of April they sent out less than 1000 of them. Very slow rollout.
  13. azbill

    Rivian Plug & Charge on Supercharger vs Tesla Membership (Combine for Best of Both Worlds)

    Ford had a beta program to do the discount with EA, using P&C. Ford owners paid $50 per year to get the discount. After the beta, it got cancelled. The annual fee was paid to Ford, not to EA. I think the complexity of the variable billing did not work out.
  14. azbill

    Trailer-Battery Charging While Towing?

    I believe I checked this many months ago with my horse trailer, which has a battery for the breakaway braking, and it was working. The aux output should be there when the truck is on.
  15. azbill

    Warning - Safety Defect Found with Lectron NACS Adapter

    Yes, that is correct, my Ford order is 1091, and no shipment yet, still indicates April delivery. First shipments were two weeks ago, now radio silence.
  16. azbill

    Silverado pricing -- ouch...

    All the new Tesla sites are getting pull through's for trailers the last three sites they opened in Phoenix have them. Most of the GM/Pilot sites are pull through's as well. There are many EA sites where it would be impossible to charge with a trailer attached.
  17. azbill

    Any clever idea to overcome no Android Auto / Apple Carplay?

    Plenty of info on this on another thread, I have one and it works well. https://evsportline.com/products/apple-carplay-smart-dash-screen-for-rivian-r1t-r1s
  18. azbill

    Burnt 240V outlet

    I had this exact thing happen. When I took the cover off and pulled the plug out, one of the wires just fell out. It was due to a loose connection, the electrician obviously did not torque it correctly.
  19. azbill

    Driver Screen Settings: Did You Know

    The Rivian DIC is just not very customizable. My Hummer has 300 combinations of data that I can display on the Driver screen.