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    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    I can’t wait for it to come out that Elon is shorting RIVN. Transitioning the planet to sustainable energy.
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    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    I guess so, there has been talk about a Rivian monthly membership program before. It’s no secret that we will have to start paying for cellular data s00n, that will likely be a part of it. As for autonomy I’m not suggesting FSD level features, but it’s fair to say there’s room for improvement in...
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    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    I don’t think it’s that insane. Rivian has the ability to monetize all vehicles with membership premiums and autonomy. That is a lever that they have signaled that they will pull, but they haven’t yet. Never say never.
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    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    Fun fact: RIVN now has the same market cap as Vinfast…
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    Ford "PRICE WAR" drives RIVN under $10

    I’ve been buying today, BoA PT yesterday of $21…
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    Rivian testing new Driver+ (Autonomy Experience Module) -- stops by the FCC

    It is very impressive, I was never that interested, but with the end-to-end machine learning, it has definitely step-changed
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    I got the same thing asking about my R1S, but I have a T too.
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    Better than expected Q1 deliveries?

    I have no insider info, but if there’s a company that tends to over deliver, it’s Rivian
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    SoCal Morning Drive

    Gorgeous truck!
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    would you buy R1T again as of 3/25/2024?

    Yes I would, I would probably get the dual motor if I had to do it again because the quad is overkill for me. I don’t care about the resale values so I’m probably not the right person to ask there. I personally think RIVN will be fine long term, but I don’t have a crystal ball. I live about 1.5...
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    Meet Rocky

    Congrats and enjoy in good health!
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    2024 Tacoma Gets A Camp Speaker

    Use mine regularly when camping, if it was an option, I would pay for it. Just got back from a trip to the mountains with friends and the camp speaker was great.
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    Cybertruck Thoughts

    Cybertruck thoughts…nah.
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    Indications of an R1 refresh

    For L3 charging you’re absolutely right, we only use SCs because they’re extremely reliable and ridiculously easy to use. For L2 charging, Tesla destination chargers are pretty rare, I would bet most Tesla owners use J1772 adapters for L2 (except at home).
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    Indications of an R1 refresh

    Tesla owners have been using J1772 adapters forever and I’ve never experienced an issue personally, nor have I heard of a rash of reliability issues with them. Also keep in mind, once they switch to NACS, you’ll need that same adapter to plug in at J1772 L2s. It’s your call, but I’d get/enjoy...
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    Hauling gravel

    Like others have said, tarp is probably all you need
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    Over 68,000 R2 reservations in less than 24 hours so far

    It would be interesting to see a count of new account enrollment on this forum in the last 24 hours