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  1. Tesla to Rivian?

    If I did not have pre-price hike pricing I would get dual motor. The 135kwh battery takes heaps of patience to charge. The battery is twice as big as my M3 and my experience with EVgo and EA proved to be far slower than Tesla SC. The dual motor battery is the same size but slightly more...
  2. Amended return rejected

    I contacted.. nice girl..said OK, I will push this through. That was about a month ago. It took an hour..45 minutes on hold..15 minutes of chatting.
  3. Amended return rejected

    October 20,2023 amended..April 22,2024 check received
  4. “I’ll be back”

    This all makes me realize how many bugs are in my jeep radiator after 14 years.
  5. “I’ll be back”

    DYI PPF. Mine is not perfect but it did the job. https://abstractocean.com/products/bumper-clear-protection-film-ppf-for-rivian-r1t-r1s
  6. Tesla Driver calls Cop on Rivian Driver

    With such a low ownership rate of EVs, I foresee anarchy by 2050
  7. Tesla Driver calls Cop on Rivian Driver

    EV sentiment continuous to deteriorate even among EV owners. Welcome to the EV civil war. https://www.pcmag.com/news/tesla-owner-calls-police-on-rivian-driver-using-supercharger
  8. R2 with Treehouse Roof Top Tent RTT (from NYC showing)

    My understanding is the passenger door is a USB-c battery/charger. also good to see the door sill protectors.
  9. Driver+ and driver assistance features not working since delivery

    My car was remotely diagnosed to have faulty steering wheel sensors. Adaptive cruise control works but lane stat disengages. This is annoying but I am three hours from a service center so I will delay service for as long as possible
  10. Progressive Insurance - Cheaper Renewal

    I thought I may need to reconsider my R1S this month as I was fully expecting a rate increase. My premium dropped $40 to $1100 for 6 months. This should cover the cost of vampire drain.
  11. Anyone using ElectraFi ?

    Does RIVN get this data? Is it worth telling RIVN, I love my R1S but hate vampire drain? 3 miles/ day seems excessive.
  12. R2 Colors Preview Images 🎨

    @Administrator any ideas on slate and evergreen?
  13. Charging Habits and Battery Health

    Always Be Charging Daily who knows if it matters but my understanding is depth of discharge helps, therefore more frequent smaller charges should help battery life. Also it helps for impromptu road trips. Lastly there is an 8 year warranty on the battery, therefore it is Rivian’s problem for...
  14. Launch Green questions

    When I picked up my Limestone, I mentioned I had a chance to get LG. The service center said you should have, they will (presumably) not make that color again. I do not regret LS but sometimes I wish I had the LG.
  15. Lake Charles, La RAN coming SooooN

    Looks like 5 spots and 1 trailer spot. Enjoy access to sonic, target, and a walk to the Casino
  16. This is why I no longer use the Rivian for Long Distance trips.

    Model 3 RWD..maybe it’s 60. Smaller than the R1s nonetheless
  17. Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Just lost 5 miles yesterday in my garage. Turning off Bluetooth and WiFi for the day. Amazing how frustrating losing .25/day is.
  18. This is why I no longer use the Rivian for Long Distance trips.

    Regardless of charging infrastructure, my biggest problem is charging a 135kw battery vs a 65. It just makes stops longer.
  19. My First Time Seeing The Rivian R2 @ Electrify Expo Orlando! Including Pictures!!

    As a M3 owner, the manual frunk does not bother me. It is quite nice because it is one more thing that cannot break. However the cheap-looking seats are a bit concerning.