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  1. Derkaramma

    Possible updates / upgrades coming s00n! R2 software? -- Q&A with head of software Wassym Bensaid

    Same! I’ll pay whatever it is. My car is so new I can’t imagine trading it in.
  2. Derkaramma

    Rivian testing new Driver+ (Autonomy Experience Module) -- stops by the FCC

    I’m whole heartedly hoping they will allow us to pay for hardware upgrades for our 2024 R1S when it is released. I would gladly pay whatever they want to be able to get improved driver+ whether that’s just better what it currently does or actual self driving capability. We were ready to pay 12k...
  3. Derkaramma

    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Got premium parking at the Temecula Promenade Apple Store 👌🏻
  4. Derkaramma

    Rivian Inland Empire

    If you haven’t already, join our Facebook group ‘inland Empire Rivian Club’ we just had our first meetup yesterday - turned out great minus a road being closed lol
  5. Derkaramma

    SoCal Morning Drive

    We have an inland empire rivian club on Facebook and are taking the Ortega scenic drive on April 6th, I can’t wait to convoy with everyone, it looks great 😍
  6. Derkaramma

    Good neighbors watch each other's backs (and Rivians)

    We drove up to see some snow and ended up in the middle of a pretty bad hail storm, putting that PPF to work 🤣
  7. Derkaramma

    Camp Speaker Curiosity Teardown 🧰

    It doubles as a portable charger, which I would mainly use for. They sell boxes with the locking mechanism and everything but a big reason I didn't want it was so that it doesn't turn into another thing full of stuff we don't need. I only liked it because I saw someone use it as a trash can...
  8. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    Just an update on the fee waiver. our guide was out of the office so we called the normal support number and they revised the purchase agreement within an hour or so. It actually ended up lowering our down payment amount which was cool. We didn’t think CA would let us transfer an existing...
  9. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    Soo this was a problem for us when we first got fastrak - in San Diego it’s free if you have 2+ passengers but when they don’t tell you is that you NEED the switching transponder. The fastrak sticker doesn’t differentiate between HOVehicles vs just a single rider. the transponder was $20 but I...
  10. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    Yes, my husband is.
  11. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    Plate Gate. Love that 😂
  12. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    From Rivian it shows about 1k but I know doing it through the DMV next year would end up being like 1,1-1,200.
  13. Derkaramma

    CA DV DMV Fees

    My partner is a Disabled Veteran and we currently have our Nissan Rogue registered with DV plates. I just wanted to add our experience with fee waiver and transfer. Our Rivian guide confirmed that their DMV team would waive the title & registration fees because we are transferring the plate to...