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    Electric Upgrade Offer: get up to $5,000 off R1 purchase when trading in gas-powered vehicle

    https://rivian.com/offers/electric-upgrade-offer Electric Upgrade Offer Offer: For eligible purchasers or lessees of Rivian vehicles who trade in an eligible vehicle as part of the purchase or lease of a qualifying Rivian R1 vehicle, Rivian will provide a discount toward such purchase or...
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    Rivian cuts another 1% of workforce in new layoff (April 17, 2024)

    Just in... https://www.reuters.com/business/autos-transportation/rivian-cuts-1-workforce-second-job-cut-this-year-2024-04-17/ SAN FRANCISCO, April 17 (Reuters) - Electric vehicle maker Rivian (RIVN.O), said on Wednesday it cut about 1% of its workforce - the second round of job cuts this year...
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    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Other forums I've been a part of have fun long running daily photo type of threads. Didn't see one ever made here, so here goes!
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    R2 with Treehouse Roof Top Tent RTT (from NYC showing)

    R2 with Treehouse Roof Top Tent RTT (from NYC showing) ^^^ this guy is about 6'3" for reference. And some earlier official photos for anyone that missed them.
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    R2 Tire Size = 275/50R21

    Closeup of the Rivian R2 tire size -- 275/50R21
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    R2 Videos & photos from Austin public showing

    Not my pics or videos but here's some good looks at the R2 that was available for public viewing yesterday and today in Austin, TX. Tire size is: 275/50R21
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    [Updated w/ pics] R2 available for viewing in Austin TX @ Yeti Coolers -- today and tomorrow (3/15)

    R2 available to see at Yeti Coolers in Austin Texas -- today and tomorrow from 10am - 6pm: Address: 220 South Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704
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    Motortrend Interview w/ RJ: What We Absolutely Needed to Get Right on the 2026 R2 Electric SUV

    Rivian CEO: What We Absolutely Needed to Get Right on the 2026 R2 Electric SUV Can the Rivian R2 be profitable? Is there a R2 truck in the works? Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe gives us the details. https://www.motortrend.com/features/2024-rivian-ceo-rj-scaringe-interview-r1s-r1t-r2-r3-r3x/
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    R3 & R3X hands-on / driving video, photos, impressions (by Jason Camissa)

    Jason Camissa got to play with the R3 and R3X at the live reveal event in Laguna Beach. In his words: Rivian let me play with the R3 and R3X, live in person! Impressions: Unlike the Ioniq 5, it doesn’t look way bigger in person. It’s still smallish. And the Rivian design language prepares us...
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    R3X / R3 Launch Video

    This is the launch clip played when they surprise revealed the R3 / R3X at the R2 event. I've watched it at least 10x
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    NACS extension cable is coming! Helps solve R2/R3 Supercharger issue 👍

    NACS extension cable is coming! This will help the issue of R2 / R3 charge port being at the back of the vehicle. Extension cable announced by Tesla at: https://www.tesla.com/support/supercharging-other-evs#cable Does the Supercharger cable reach all EVs? Most Supercharger cables at NACS...
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    Cost was a reason for charge port location on R2 / R3 + other info in RJ interview with Electrek

    ARTICLE: https://electrek.co/2024/03/08/rivian-ceo-rj-scaringe-interview-hidden-r1-bidirectional-charging-r2-nacs-mind-bending-r3-build-timeline-more/ Explanation of charge port location is at 6:15 in. Cost decision played into it. Less internal cabling required in the vehicle with the charge...
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    Tesla engineer urges Rivian to move charge port location on R2, R3, R3X for Supercharger access

    Wes Morrill, lead engineer for the Cybertruck, just tweeted this: @RJScaringe @nkalayjian cool product. Great looking prototypes. I know how these things go, there is still time to move the charge port location. It will take some re-engineering but the tools are not kicked off yet. This...
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    R2 / R3 Accessories: bike rack, roof bars, storage cart / bin / cooler, rooftop tent, camp kitchen

    A look at some accessories coming for the R2 / R3
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    R3 lower price and smaller than R2 (5" shorter wheelbase). R3X is wider than R3

    Apologies if this was already known but I just saw confirmation that the R3 will be both lower price and smaller than the R2. R3 will have 5" inch shorter wheelbase). Also, the R3X is wider than the R3. RJ confirms it here in this hands-on interview:
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    Where / when to see R2 in public today after reveal?

    I happen to be visiting OC and was wondering if we'll (the public) will be able to see the R2 in person today in Laguna -- either inside the Rivian Space or outside of it? And if so, when (what time?) will be be able to do so? Thanks to anyone who has this info.