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    New upcoming Rivian Service Centers? Expanded Mobile Service coverage area?

    Is there any information or even rumors out there regarding any new Rivian Centers being considered or expansion of Mobile Service areas? Brian
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    Level 2 NACS Adapter recommendations?

    I am looking for recommendations for Level 2 adapters to use a level 2 NACS plug with my Rivian R1T. My understanding is that many of the public level 2 chargers are equipped with NACS plugs. Brian
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    R1T Tire Rotation

    We have an R1T that now has almost 7,000 miles on it. We are running the 21" Pirelli road tires on the OEM Rivian wheels. Most of our driving is local in a somewhat rural area. I have been inspecting the tires on a regular basis. All are showing 7/32" tread depth. There is no sign of any...
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    Rivian Service Center Debacle

    Is there any new information out there about possible future Rivian Service Centers? We are located in one of the severe Rivian service deserts. We are more than 300 miles from the nearest Rivian Service Center. This also puts us outside of any mobile service areas. Rivian has now been...
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    Recommendations for AC Adapters

    I am looking to purchase an AC adapter to charge my R1T from a Level 2 (AC) tesla NACS charge plug. Can someone recommend a high quality unit for this purpose? Thank you in advance for your input. Brian
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    Charge Adapters Needed

    When the smoke clears and we are authorized to use the Tesla Supercharger System, exactly what adapters will be necessary? I realize that the one that will be provided by Rivian will afford us access to the Tesla SC System. Will this adapter work with NACS Level 2 chargers, or will a separate...
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    Will new RAN charging stations have NACS outlets?

    I am now wondering if the newly installed RANs will have the NACS outlets. Also, will the older RANs be retrofitted with NACS outlets? Brian
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    Quad Motor Departure

    With all the hype of the R2, R3, and R3X, the R1 seems to have faded into the background. I have also been noticing that the R1 dual motor seems to be the more desirable version of the R1. I am now beginning to wonder if quad motor Rivians will soon pass into history. Brian
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    Rivian as a Toad (towed behind a motorhome?)

    Can a Rivian be used a toad to be towed behind a motorhome? Brian
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    Charging Regimen

    We have had Opal (our R1T) for nine months. We have been charging her at home on a Rivian wall charger. Our routine is to let her go to about 20% state of charge and charge her up to 70%. This has worked well for our use routine. Should we continue our charging regimen as is or would it be...
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    Driver + Availability

    Is there any way to identify roads where Driver + can be used? Brian
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    Tesla Supercharger Access

    As 2024 is on the immediate horizon, is there any new information or speculation on access to the Tesla Superchsager system? We were told that Rivian will supply us with adapters to make our R1's NACS capable. I am hoping that this adapter will have a pig tail to make using a Tesla Supercharger...
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    Steering Wheel Heater

    It was a little chilly last night and attempted to use Opal's steering wheel heater. When I pressed the button, the light would come on for just a second and go back off. I could not get it to remain on. I tried it both before and after I got Opal rolling. The seat heaters were on and working...
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    Mysterious Tire Pressure Loss

    When we recently got the new data screen with tire pressures, we started monitoring tire pressure on a daily basis. The pressures in al four tires were 48 and 49 psi. About two days ago a tire pressure warning appeared on the driver screen. I checked for a low tire and found that all four tires...
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    Fog lights automatic reactivation time period?

    We run Opal's fog lights (front and rear) at all times while driving. We feel that this makes her better seen, day or night. We have noticed that sometimes when we make a short stop, the fog lights are still activated when we restart the vehicle. At other times they have to be reactivated. We...
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    Rivian App Issue

    We have an issue with the smartphone app on SuEllyn's Android phone. There is a small number 1 that appears on the screen avatar (see picture). We thought it was signaling some kind of message, but we can't find anything. This does not appear on my app screen. Does anyone know what this is...
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    Does anyone have any idea when Rivian plans a proper update to replace the ill-fated .42 debacle. In my experience with Rivian updates, this is the first time the update process has turned into a goat rope. Up until now, we have always taken the update as soon as it was offered. Fortunately...
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    Recommended Tire Rotation Interval?

    What is the best tire rotation interval for our R1T? Our driving is all local, no highway, always in all purpose mode. Brian
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    Window Vent Shades installed

    We have installed a set of window vent shades from AVS. The fit is perfect and they look OEM. Here's a shot of Opal (our R1T) sporting her new upgrade. Brian
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    NiLight Hitch Receiver Step installed

    We decided to try the NiLight hitch receiver step on the back of Opal (our R1T). It is very nicely made and is quite a bit lighter that the cast iron step that we had been using. Showing pictures of both the new one and the old one. Brian