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  1. ThumprMN

    Locking phone inside/which key acts as master controller

    Is this what you’re referring to? Changing the lock/unlock behavior for each type of pair device (PaaK’s & Fob’s)?
  2. ThumprMN

    Not allowed to speak with management? Say what?!!

    Yeah, I think you proved my point. Not sure you picked up on it, but I used a bad assumption to prove a point about assumptions (subtlety is not easy over written form). Sounds like you got there in the end… I just wish you would stop long enough to process your role in all the assumptions and...
  3. ThumprMN

    Deer on I-80...Not Visible in DriveCam

    Maybe this is something they can address in the R1 refresh with the rumored new sensor upgrades?
  4. ThumprMN

    Which Windshield Washer Fluid?

  5. ThumprMN

    Chicago to Vancouver - Use Rivian or ABRP?

    Small trick I learned was after I did all the mappings, I fed that info into ChatGPT and asked it to create me an itinerary as well as recommend some sights to see a long the way. Was fascinating to see what it came up with, plus having that consolidated roster organized by ChatGPT came in...
  6. ThumprMN

    Rear bench cup holder swap from R1T to R1S?

    Can someone show a camparible pic in the R1S? Just curious to visually see the difference. Figured it was the same.
  7. ThumprMN

    Chicago to Vancouver - Use Rivian or ABRP?

    It’s not sad, we are saying that the Rivian vehicle underestimates its capability to travel a distance and makes you think you need to stop more often or charge longer than you need to. It’s being refined to be less conservative, but it err’s on the side of caution to ensure people make their...
  8. ThumprMN

    Chicago to Vancouver - Use Rivian or ABRP?

    Be careful taking a northern route through North Dakota.... few fast charging options in that state and eastern MT… better to go a more southern route along I-90. Even then, you might need to top charge a few times to make the distance. Also, pay attention to wind speed and direction, and factor...
  9. ThumprMN

    Not allowed to speak with management? Say what?!!

    Funny how some people who haven’t worked in customer service (or havent been accosted by an entitled consumer before) assume they know why everyone’s responding. FYI - Telling people to be quiet usually doesnt work. But i hope it made you feel better to type it out. #NotARivianEmployee...
  10. ThumprMN

    Not allowed to speak with management? Say what?!!

    It feels like we are only getting a slice of the story. The screenshot doesn’t match what you are claiming (post title seems a tad hyperbolic). You may want to consider taking a deep breath and a walk around the block. I’m get the impression that it’s not wise to ever tell you “No” or disagree...
  11. ThumprMN

    Not looking too good for continued operations beyond 2025

    Some people just like the attention to be on them. Glad you listened to your own inner demons and didnt get a Rivian. I’d hate for you to buy one and be so miserable with your purchase. Congrats on dodging your bullets. I sincerely wish you the best on your journey.
  12. ThumprMN

    My 2019 Tesla MX chargers faster

    Placing/ stating two facts in juxtaposition doesn’t mean they are equivalent. Many of the posts tried to be helpful and explain how to reframe your question. We get what you’re asking… you’re not hearing the answer… my advice would be to mute the thread for this post so you don’t feel the need...
  13. ThumprMN

    Heavy Tailgate

    Are you looking for aftermarket ideas, or are you pontificating on how Rivian could have done something different?
  14. ThumprMN

    Cat camping, charging with TT-30 adapter and R1S powered cooking

    I wish, no, I just googled cat camping and this popped up. Thought it fit perfectly. I’m jealous of your successful cat camping adventures.
  15. ThumprMN

    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    You’re not getting fanboy ridicule. You’re just airing your inner monologue of concerns and FOMO. You’re not listening to what your gut is telling you. You have worries. Those worries are valid to you. It sounds like you should not buy till things are more acceptably stable for you. However...
  16. ThumprMN

    My R1T is going on a 2000 miles trip and need advise on charging

    I went in a 4500 mile road trip in December using Electrify America and a handful of RAN, EVGO, and Tesla destination lvl 2 chargers (with adapter). EA has a monthly subscription you can opt in for for just the moths you want to get a discount. Plan your route ahead of time. I used a combo of...