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  1. jimbones

    2024.11 - Petro & Electrify Canada

    With 2024.11 live, can someone pop over to a Petro and Electrify Canada charger to see if the handshake/charging issues have been resolved?
  2. jimbones

    R3(X) Accessory Port same as R2?

    Is anyone able to confirm whether the R3(X) will share the same rear accessory ports as the R2?
  3. jimbones

    Gear Shop - How are ya’ll getting accessories in Canada?

    With the gear shop not delivering to Canada (still!), how are ya’ll getting Rivian accessories? Ordering through the service centres? Reshipping services?
  4. jimbones

    Canada Launch R1T - East Coast Canada - Jan Delivery

    I'll be taking delivery of a launch edition R1T in January, one of the first deliveries in Eastern Canada. If you're interested in scooping up a launch (or even adventure, if you want to change the config), and beat the preorder line on the east coast, let me know.
  5. jimbones

    Audi Integrates Apple Music Directly in their Entertainment System

    Audi has announced that Apple Music users will be able to access the service directly from their car's own entertainment system: https://appleinsider.com/articles/22/05/19/audi-infotainment-system-gains-apple-music-for-nearly-all-2022-cars Hopeful that Rivian is working on a similar...