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  1. Forager

    Oregon Oregon/Washington 21” wheels, tires, center caps

    Full set of OEM 21” Wheels and tires for sale. $2000 for all four, willing to sell individually for $600. Tires have no curb rash, scratches, or wear from the aero covers. Includes aero covers (removed on delivery), Rivian center caps ($100 value), and factory TPMS sensors. I switched to a new...
  2. Forager

    New Rivian 20” Wheel Style Design? -- for R2 or Refreshed R1?

    20” Rivian wheels, look to be made in Mexico rather than China like current offerings. Perhaps these are a prototype for the refreshed R1 or new wheels for R2?
  3. Forager

    Removing Front Door Speaker Grille

    Has anyone removed the speaker grille in the front driver or passenger door? My passenger has a rattle that manifests as a buzzing sound when the speaker is pushing any bass. Not worth a service ticket since I’m >2 hours away and the last time they fixed a panel rattle it came back worse (I’ve...
  4. Forager

    Oregon Title Fees

    I'm taking delivery of my R1T today and got an email notice from my guide that I need to pay an additional .5% Use Tax directly to the State of Oregon. I had assumed this was covered in the ~$900 of License, Registration, and Titling Fees I had already paid to Rivian under the Purchase Agreement...
  5. Forager

    Oregon WTB: 20” Wheels OR/WA

    Looking to purchase a set of 20” wheels ($2000) and tires or trade straight across for my 21” wheels. Located in Bend, OR but traveling frequently to Seattle, WA. Dark, bright, regular, open to all options. Thanks!
  6. Forager

    First Drives Cancelled in WA

    Just got a call from Rivian. I thought maybe I was getting a guide. Unfortunately, it was CS notifying me that they are no longer providing test drives in my area and didn’t know why, but it possibly was an issue with the state. They confirmed that they are no longer doing test drives anywhere...
  7. Forager

    Video: Ceramic Coating of R1 Charge Door Parts by Cerakote

    I was watching this Hagerty video about Cerakote and the finisher is doing a “production” run of parts for Rivian. These are the charge door bracket, you can spiral machined into the bracket that allows the door to rotate upward as it opens. Interesting, though brief, discussion about why they...
  8. Forager

    Lucid Price Increase — How it’s Done

    “ Since setting our initial pricing in September 2020, a lot has happened. [de Alongside all of the progress, there have also been challenges. As a result of rising raw material costs and global supply chain factors, we’ll soon be adjusting pricing across nearly all Lucid Air models. For...
  9. Forager

    Test Drives and First Mile Events

    I know it’s the dead of winter and smack in the middle of the rainy season, but has anyone heard even a rumor of when there might be a First Mile event in PNW? Are test drives still happening? There was a lot of chatter regarding local (Seattle) test drives a month ago but it’s been silent ever...
  10. Forager

    New Proposed Washington State EV Credits

    Governor Inslee has just proposed a $626 climate plan, which includes point of sale EV credits of $7500 (new) and $5000 used. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.geekwire.com/2021/heres-whats-included-in-washington-gov-jay-inslees-proposed-626m-climate-plan/amp/ Hopefully this passes in some...