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  1. agame32

    California Custom Tonneau For Sale in SoCal

    I’m selling my custom tonneau cover built with “dark ash” style flooring planks. In-person pick up only in Huntington Beach, CA 92647. This was created as two 27” pieces so that I could use one as a table out in the wild. I got my Rivian cover for $800 and deciding to sell this one. It could use...
  2. agame32

    DIY tonneau cover in vinyl “dark ash wood” + plus camp table for under $350

    Here my take on a DIY tonneau where I wanted to use six 9” vinyl flooring planks to get the 54” length. I built two 27” sections attached to 1/4” plywood so that I can use one or both as camp tables. This was a very easy build until I got to some final details regarding the weather stripping...
  3. agame32

    R1T Quad Large Towing Airstream Basecamp 20x (autorevolution.com)

    I post this because IF I ever buy a travel trailer, it would probably be this same trailer and it’s hooked up to an R1T on 20s. tldr: ~2500mi at 1.25-1.30mi/kWh ($270 total charging cost) Seems decent and better than I’d expect...
  4. agame32

    agame32’s Second R1T Delivery via Trade-In Story

    I’ve mentioned my second Rivian R1T delivery and related R1T trade-in in other threads, but have had a couple people ask for details so here’s the story. The quick background is that back in Sep/Oct 2021 I wasn’t sure if I wanted the R1T, R1S, max pack, etc, so I placed three orders since they...
  5. agame32

    Anyone here from the ‘04-07 Volvo S60R/V70R Swedespeed Forums?

    Just curious… My Rivian enthusiasm only previously existed with my 2005 Volvo S60R. The S60R (sedan) and V70R (wagon) were very niche and well-rounded vehicles, which reminds me of the R1T and R1S. The interactions on this forum really remind me of that community, as well. Anyways, just curious...
  6. agame32

    Distance Between Cross Bars (and related Qs)

    Could someone measure the distance between the roof mounting points and bed mounting points? I’m trying to see how far the cross bars are from each other in each case. Also, has anyone considered how one might use the bed points to add a raised rack that would be on the same plane as the roof...