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  1. Which Windshield Washer Fluid?

    This may be a silly question but thought I’d ask anyway. I’m low on fluid and have a gallon of Prestone All-Season, De-Icer/Bugwash 2-n-1. Is there any guideline for using a particular fluid?
  2. Truck Icon Image - what does it mean?

    What does the truck image in the attached photo indicate?
  3. Wipers come on when switching to drive

    Lately I’m experiencing a single wiper swipe of the front window when switching to drive? Anyone else?
  4. New Concrete Driveway for R1S -- is 4" thick slabs enough for R1S weight?

    A little of topic however, I’m planning to have a new concrete driveway installed. Generally concrete slabs are 4inches thick. Considering the R1S’s weigh does anyone know if 4inches would not be enough?
  5. Plates after delivery

    How long did it take to receive your permanent plates after delivery?
  6. iOS Mobile App 2.5.1 released

    I noticed IOS Mobile app 2.5.1 is available. Does anyone know what bug fixes and improvements were applied? Is this information available somewhere? Thanks
  7. Buy a used quad or wait for dual reservation

    I’m a post-hike price reservation, Oct 2022. My current confirmed config is a dual motor performance R1S. I’m having second thoughts on the dual motor and want to which to a quad. Considering the cost of a new dual motor performance is about $98K, a used quad between $89K-$93K sounds better. I...
  8. No Yellow Badging with Dual-Motor

    When I pre-ordered my R1S in 22’ yellow badging was available for the Dual-Motor. In fact the Quad did not exist. Should I be upset now that my Dual-Motor config that I was asked to confirm does not come with yellow badging?
  9. Received Configurator Invite

    I received an email today that an R1S configurator invite is coming before the end year. A few questions. Will I have the ability to select the most updated battery packs, drive systems, colors, options and accessories considering I revserved over a year ago? I don’t have a service center in...