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  1. agame32

    Tesla FSD Full Self Driving & Rivian ?

    We have FSD on our Model Y and other than amusing our kids at low speed around the neighborhood with the car under close supervision, I don’t see a realistic use case. We got in “cheap” when it was $5-6000 and obviously not worth it as using it on actual streets still seems dangerous. I even...
  2. agame32

    iKamper RTT, Joolca Shower Tent + R1T + Thoughts

    Great write-up. For anyone wanting another theft deterrent option, I use these bolts. https://a.co/d/drC5AuJ
  3. agame32

    Electrek - "Tesla Cybertruck teardown shows battery pack is ‘half empty’ and we are confused"

    Could it be battery supply constraints and Tesla knew there would be an initial wave of people who would buy regardless? As supply improves, they can release larger battery options. (ie: same reason early max-pack was delayed… sorry if I’m re-opening wounds. lol)
  4. agame32

    Hello from Discount Tire!

    @Discount Tire thanks for your reply! It was at CAS33 in Huntington Beach, CA off of Springdale Ave. I’ve used them before and was working with Mark M., who was super nice about everything. He seemed technically/practically convinced that lifting via the slider rail jack point was safe, but they...
  5. agame32

    Any suggestions on precut PPF for DIY

    And @twraps … I’ve bought from both. 🙌🏼🙌🏼
  6. agame32

    Hello from Discount Tire!

    @Discount Tire thanks for your participation in our community! I have the Megawatt sliders that replicate the rear jack point on the slider rail just like the DCE sliders. My local shop in SoCal wouldn’t work on my truck with the rear Rivian pointcovered. I showed them how their puck snapped...
  7. agame32

    Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Weekend SoCal camping trip that was colder than expected.
  8. agame32

    The Art of Not Sounding Pathetic While Sounding Pathetic

    +1 to this accessory making the task simple, but spring a couple extra bucks for the Bluetooth version. ;)
  9. agame32

    R1S windshield is a magnet for rocks

    For my second rock chip I didn’t get up to my buddy fast enough and it spread all the way up and down. The idea of trying my own resin fill immediately sounds good and I just bought a kit. I saw my buddy fill my first chip and although I’m sure experience matters, it’s not rocket science and I...
  10. agame32

    R1S windshield is a magnet for rocks

    FWIW: My good buddy owns an auto glass shop and fixed my first starburst for me. I asked his opinion about Rivian glass quality and he said the upright windshield angle, similar to many trucks and SUVs, is usually the issue more so than differences in glass strength. He says that trucks and SUVs...
  11. agame32

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    A *rock* was part of the city’s bargaining?!? I wish my city was that chill about new things! A rock??? Boom, done, you’ll get a rock…
  12. agame32

    SoCal Morning Drive

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. +1 on sharing some of these points you visited. Is that second photo up on the road towards Santiago peak?
  13. agame32

    FYI Deliveries are continued through the WEEKEND For March

    Deliveries on Easter Sunday? That sounds like a Q1 red flag to me. :/
  14. agame32

    Cracked windshield, with a 3 month wait time

    Saw your reply after my reply. Thanks for the review. 👍🏼🙌🏼
  15. agame32

    Cracked windshield, with a 3 month wait time

    How’d yours go? Rivian directed me to a shop in Costa Mesa near their service center, or an option in Anaheim. My insurance wants to use Safelite, but I’m pushing for one of these two shops.
  16. agame32

    R3X Reveal Shocks Even More!!! 🤯

    R3 page now live on Rivian.com https://rivian.com/ https://rivian.com/msp What’s MSP?!? Massively surprise product?
  17. agame32

    Rivian to cut 1 of 3 shifts for R1 production at Normal plant, starting next month

    I believe the stated change is from 2026H2 to 2026H1.
  18. agame32

    Rivian Pausing Georgia Plant

    215,000 units per year is #HUGE
  19. agame32

    Rivian Pausing Georgia Plant

    Press Release linked in above SEC filing: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1874178/000187417824000016/ex-991r2reveal.htm Excerpt… R2 Production to be Launched in Normal, Illinois To enable R2 to be launched earlier and with a considerable reduction in the capital required for its...
  20. agame32

    Rivian Pausing Georgia Plant

    I can’t tell if the R3 news is truly going big, or some combination of distraction and desperation. I think it is wonderful and happy to know about it, but why now when there’s two years between now and even an accelerated R2 launch from Normal?