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  1. Videos: R2 in the Wild | Go Fast, Go Far, Go Anywhere | Rivian + R3 and R3X

    More views , more reservations, more sales , Mo money , Mo problems
  2. R2 in Teal, Evergreen, Slate 🎨

    I originally thought I was gonna go with El Cap or Midnight but man that Slate looks amazing ….. tough decisions ahead
  3. R2 El Cap Granite (Colors Preview) 🎨

    Soooooo what color is it?
  4. R2 Colors Preview Images 🎨

    I’m a simple man, El Cap or Midnight for me…. I really can’t wait to own my first Rivian, I’m almost tempted to pick up a R1S in the meantime but I don’t need a 3 row SUV ( already have a large two row) but I at lease wanna test drive one.
  5. R3 & R3X hands-on / driving video, photos, impressions (by Jason Camissa)

    Yes, and even in that context, it’s naïve to think that the R3 would be spacious in the back. So now because it’s the same size as a golf ( small car) you expected someone 5’11 to sit comfortably in the backseats? I guess it’s been too long since I have been in a golf
  6. R3 & R3X hands-on / driving video, photos, impressions (by Jason Camissa)

    Are you serious? Look at the size of the car man what did you expect? It’s not an S class lol
  7. Model Y vs R2 dimensions / size

    I’m more worried about interior space compare to a model Y
  8. R2 Reservations List Tracker 📋

    Reserved mine yesterday and submitted form today…. I’m curious and I was hesitant and back out out of my R1T order years ago but I’m ready to go through with it now. I will be selling my Raptor when my CB arrives ( hopefully by end of year or early next year ) so I feel like this R2 will be a...