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  1. mroe

    Rivian R1S Becomes First Production EV to Complete the Rubicon Trail!

    RIVIAN R1S BECOMES FIRST PRODUCTION EV TO COMPLETE THE RUBICON TRAIL ⚡ Tahoma, CA ⚡ Story: https://stories.rivian.com/r1s-first-production-ev-rubicon-trail Haven't done this yet in my truck, but ran it once in my 4Runner and would totally feel comfortable doing it in the Rivian. May want to...
  2. mroe

    Recovery rope thickness

    I'm updating some of my recovery gear given how heavy the truck is. What's the recommended kinetic recovery rope thickness for the Rivian? 7/8" or 1"?
  3. mroe

    Regen reduction needs sound notification

    For a truck that makes so many noises, I'm amazed that I get no audio notification when the battery regen is reduced. This is arguably the only notification I need and it's extremely dangerous without. I drive with the expectation that I can one-pedal drive and cannot be surprised when...
  4. mroe

    2023.2.3 software fixes trip total energy enabling accurate vampire drain calculation

    As many were aware, the previous software version (2022.47) severely miscalculated total energy to the point that it was reporting total energy usage as roughly half of what it should be. This bug seems to be fixed in 2023.2.3, which allows one to calculate how much the truck is losing to...
  5. mroe

    120v charging - do I need to change amp setting?

    If I'm using the portable charger in a place that doesn't have a 240v outlet, do I need to adjust the charge amperage in the energy settings or will the truck / portable charger automatically limit to circuit amperage?
  6. mroe

    Anyone running BFG KO2 tires? Any noticeable range degradation over the AT Pirellis?

    I've always run KO2s and trust them. Has anyone put them on a Rivian yet? Any noticeable range degradation over the AT Pirellis?
  7. mroe

    Bed rack options?

    The day is finally coming tomorrow for me to pick up my truck. Merry Xmas to me :) So now I get to start thinking about the build out, which will include some bed rack system. I think I read somewhere that Xtrusion Overland was building a plug-and-play system with the Rivian bed/crossbar...
  8. mroe

    Included jack with spare tire kit

    What is the jack that is included in the spare tire kit with the R1T? Has anyone used it? Could post a photo of it as well?
  9. mroe

    Most scratch resistant paint color?

    My R1T will be used pretty heavily off-road and will inevitably see some trail pinstriping early on. What color do folks think will be most resistant to scratches and/or hide scratches the best? My guesses would be either 1) silver 2) white or 3) limestone.
  10. mroe

    Ocean coast interior after extended mule use

    The other day I drove past a mule parked so of course I stopped to check it out. It appeared to be a production-like le/adv ocean coast interior and the truck clearly had seen heavy usage: The wood paneling looked very faded, very dry/cracking, and almost peeling in places. Night & day in color...
  11. mroe

    Meridian vs. standard sound system

    Now that pricing has reverted with choice of tonneau cover independent from trim level, the decision between Adventure and Explore for me really comes down to how much I value the sound system upgrade. I don't care about the "luxury" interior upgrades (wood paneling, nicer vegan leather, nicer...