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  1. DTown3011

    How much do new windshields cost these days? UGH

    Noticed this on my drive this morning. There was a rock chip below the field of view that I’ve had for a few months and it was repaired, but it’s now spread virtually across the entire windshield which sucks. The only saving grace is, it’s entirely out of the field of view so it doesn’t impact...
  2. DTown3011

    6 bikes on an R1T - whats the best way?!

    I'm now at the point where many of my mountain road trips with family necessitate 6 bikes - mountain and gravel bikes for myself (4) and my wife + 2 additional bikes for the kids. Yes, we love cycling :) In anticipation of multiple road trips this summer, has anyone had any experience with...
  3. DTown3011

    Colorado Sold: WTB: 22" Bright Full Size Spare or Wheel

    Looking to buy a single 22" bright for a full size spare OR even just the wheel/rim as I have a backup tire. Based in Colorado.
  4. DTown3011

    FRUNK or Treat, Rivian style!

    Should have waited until it was a little darker, but you get the idea. Volunteered for a trunk or treat this evening at my children’s school and had a great time handing out candy to everyone. lots of people asking about the truck. It was really fun and great to have power for the smoke machine...
  5. DTown3011

    HVAC Vents & Location Assigned at Random Every...Single...Time...HELP!

    Okay, I need some help from the forums, have hesitated posting this. LOVE the truck. #1 pet peeve that I absolutely cannot figure out is my HVAC vents seem to be different, or reset, or setup in a different configuration every single time I turn on the truck. They seem to randomly assign -...
  6. DTown3011

    Dashboard Rattle - VIDEO, is this normal?

    This happens primarily at low speed and certainly was not always this way but is this fixable? Should I make a service appointment? I feel like something has rattled loose and it’s just annoying to drive with!!
  7. DTown3011

    Colorado Crew - Frisco EA Charger worthwhile or worthless?

    I have to drive to Aspen this week for work and was planning on taking the Independence Pass route because it's beautiful this time of year. Ideally, one would charge in Frisco at the EA Electrify America chargers but it looks like that station is absolutely horrible in terms of reliability and...
  8. DTown3011

    Effects of too large of a roof box? Going camping, need storage! (PHOTOS of box install added!)

    I thought for sure I would have my manual tonneau for our camping trip this weekend but alas, I do not. We have another SUV but the R1T is so well built for camping I really want to take it. However, I really need some extra storage and not having a covered bed is a serious issue. I have a...
  9. DTown3011

    Curt Gowdy State Park (WY) trip from Denver Area - R1T shined!

    Had an awesome camping trip with the R1T up to Curt Gowdy State Park in Wyoming for some mountain biking over 4th of July weekend. My friend had a camper but it was great living out of the frunk and gear tunnels in the R1T and not having to unpack really anything. We used the truck for...
  10. DTown3011

    Software Update 2023.22.00 looks like it's coming...

    Just posted today, looks pretty light overall but just saw on RivnTrackr: Rivian Update 2023.22.00 - RivnTrackr Improved Highway Assist no longer shuts off during overhead toll stations, Driver Seat & Steering Wheel Calibration, Phone Screen Improvements, Alexa Improvements, and Bugfixes...
  11. DTown3011

    Colorado Sold: FS: AdventureMat MagSafe Charging Mat - LIKE NEW

    I have an AdventureMat MagSafe charging mat for sale, as I just recently upgraded to their stow-n-charge version. It's the same one here: AdventureMat - MagSafe compatible mat for Rivian R1T and R1S – Adventure High Tech that are currently selling for $70. Comes in original box with extra...
  12. DTown3011

    How are people using their Hotspot?

    I’ve always kept this feature off but was watching a video yesterday and someone mentioned the hotspot was their favorite feature of their R1. Is everyone running their Hot spot on at all times and connected to their phone? I get if you don’t have service or connecting to laptops/iPads but...
  13. DTown3011

    A Master at Work - Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) MAGIC on my R1T here in Colorado!

    Guys, this saga has been ongoing for a few weeks. I originally posted this thread: Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in Denver area…recommendations? | Rivian Forums - R1T R1S R2 Owners, News, Discussions, RIVN Stock. Short story - I was hit in a parking lot and came out to a huge dent and 2 smaller...
  14. DTown3011

    Colorado Sold: RaceFace T2 Midsize Tailgate Bike Pad - Black (currently sold out)

    Have a brand new RaceFace T2 tailgate pad that fits Rivian R1T's (mid-size) in black for sale. I opened the bag and decided to go a different direction. It's a hassle to ship back so if someone in Colorado wants this I'm just looking to get what I paid for it. Same as here, was selling for...
  15. DTown3011

    Contact Sync from iPhone - Am I missing something?

    I have contact sync turned on for my iPhone but only a handful of my contacts are showing up - I have thousands. For example, my wife isn't even showing up in the contacts. Also, when people call the number comes up instead of the name. Is there a secret to syncing contacts other than simply...
  16. DTown3011

    Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) in Denver area…recommendations?

    Truck is 2 weeks old, walked out of the gym this morning to this - gear guard picked up nothing. 😭😨😳 any PDR recommendations in the Denver area? Needless to say I’ll be the guy parking far away from this point forward.
  17. DTown3011

    Weird home charging behavior - door handles stay presented at home?

    1 week in and noticing this behavior for the past few nights. At “home” location my R1T keeps my door handles presented unless I manually lock the vehicle. They never fold in. Is this a setting I am missing or an error in behavior? Also, I am getting multiple charging errors at home. For...
  18. DTown3011

    1 week in and in LOVE, but not without some quirks - my R1T delivery summary and initial thoughts!

    First and foremost I want to say this forum has been invaluable for information, camaraderie, and just generally keeping me excited about taking delivery of my R1T. This journey started with no real plans to actually take delivery of a vehicle - we put down a deposit on an R1S as we invested...
  19. DTown3011

    Show us your Mountain/Gravel/Road Bike MTB - Rivian Style!

    Since this is an adventure vehicle, I'm sure we have a lot of bikers on the forum - would love to see what bikes others are currently riding and plan to be using with their Rivian! I'll start, I'm a bit of a gear nut: Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride FOX Float DPX2 and FOX 36 Fork SRAM AXS Drivetrain...