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  1. mroe

    Charging Station Rating in new Rivian software update -- Wassym interview

    I've been playing in the app looking at the grades. They generally don't seem that meaningful. I can't seem to find anything lower than a "B" including chargers I have repeatedly witnessed failures at. What does seem meaningful is the "average top speed" as an indicator of success. For example...
  2. mroe

    3D Printed Hitch Receiver Box for tools / storage [STL files] + larger version update!

    Thank you for posting this. I've been meaning to solve this problem for a while. This is such a design miss on Rivian's part.
  3. mroe

    Lost all internet

    Noticed this off until late afternoon in Truckee as well yesterday
  4. mroe

    Article: How do I get free Rivian-approved NACS DC adapter? Shipping in April!

    To add to the prioritization debate: I think they should prioritize folks based on the number of DCFC kWhs added over your vehicle lifetime. Those are the folks who would benefit the most and those who have felt the most public charger pain!
  5. mroe

    R1S impresses on offroad track at MERUS Adventure Park in TX

    FWIW the numbers were: 510 in normal, 488 in rock crawl. For those who haven't seen the Cybertruck video, the Rivian wins out: My R1T also replaced a built out 4Runner (3rd Gen) with a 3" lift. I just put on the Megawatt sliders a few weeks back and they are great. Ready for more technical...
  6. mroe

    R1S impresses on offroad track at MERUS Adventure Park in TX

    I think most people would incorrectly assume highest = most articulation. The Rivian UI does a bad job at guiding people into the correct off-road setting in this respect. That said, the difference is ultimately not that big of a deal per this testing:
  7. mroe

    The Mounting Company's Pelican Boxes mounted on Xtrusion Overland Bed Rack

    I'd love to see a photo of the 20" rack mounted as well as a photo of your bed camera view (which sounds clear?). I want to put an order in for a XO rack but am on the fence between 20" and 23" (crossbar height).
  8. mroe

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    R3X the rally vehicle we always dreamed of
  9. mroe

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    was not expecting this!!!
  10. mroe

    R2 Reservations List Tracker 📋

    reserved and submitted the form
  11. mroe

    Roofnest Condor Overland Roof Top Tent (RTT) + R1T

    Is the bed camera usable or blocked when the condor overland is mounted on the rivian crossbars?
  12. mroe

    Latest RiDE Menu Code

    I just took a look at my SoH after 1 year / 13K miles -- 94% How does this compare to other trucks?
  13. mroe

    85mph at SLO?

    Had the same experience the other day near Aptos on 1...definitely a bug
  14. mroe

    The Mojave Road_Trip Report

    Did the same route in my truck this spring! Love it out there.
  15. mroe

    New Rivian tonneau cover delivery packaging has been upgraded (photo)

    I received mine last week (after nearly a year of waiting!) and it came in one piece. No gripes about it yet - seems to be doing the job.
  16. mroe

    11/3 Manual Tonneau Cover Update

    Saw this in my UPS account - they aren't lying this time I guess!
  17. mroe

    11/3 Manual Tonneau Cover Update

    12/24 delivery - email says 11/8-11/13. What's the probability Rivian meets this estimate?
  18. mroe

    South SF Service Ctr: 4-week backlog

    SSF service center is incompetent. I'm doing the drive to Sacramento or San Jose from now on.