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  1. WhidbeyIsland

    What happened to my rear caliper paint? -- peeling / rusting

    it'd be funny if it wasn't so expected.
  2. WhidbeyIsland

    Trailer Valet Blackout 10K Hitch (BSDH0030, Class IV, 2") on a Rivian R1T -- anyone try?

    Thanks yes- I was concerned about road clearance with the 6" drop.
  3. WhidbeyIsland

    Trailer Valet Blackout 10K Hitch (BSDH0030, Class IV, 2") on a Rivian R1T -- anyone try?

    Kyle.. which drop size did you get? 4" or 6"? I need a 5" drop and not sure which way to go...
  4. WhidbeyIsland

    My 2024.11 update disappeared

    I updated my R1T to .11.02 on Wednesday... absolutely no problems so far (knock on wood...).
  5. WhidbeyIsland

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    So, I had my (limestone) badging painted black by Seattle Clear Bra.. I think it looks great with the black rims. (oh, and with chrome delete on the bumpers). Just need to paint the calipers now....
  6. WhidbeyIsland

    Rivian Wall Charger (EVSE) - newer version

    Cable size is one thing. but did they add any energy monitoring/tracking capabilities or any other operational features...?
  7. WhidbeyIsland

    Headlights too bright?

    Yep, I did the same.. no more flashes. About 5 clicks on each side did it.
  8. WhidbeyIsland

    Network outage caused trucks to go offline

    that URL is correct... it redirects to: https://rivian.com/support/article/what-if-i-m-still-experiencing-connectivity-issues-after-the-recent-outage
  9. WhidbeyIsland

    SoCal Morning Drive

    Looks kind of like HWY 74 / Ortega pass...? Beautiful!
  10. WhidbeyIsland

    How do I take my phone out of the Rivian while leaving passengers inside?

    In safe situations such as getting out to get the mail from the mailbox with my phone in my pocket.. I will leave the driver's door open just a crack.. it keeps everything on and doesn't lock.
  11. WhidbeyIsland

    R2 Limestone (Colors Preview) 🎨

    I have a Limestone R1T.. I like it, but I think this darker (if true depiction) version looks even better.
  12. WhidbeyIsland

    My Guide is Lost. Or I lost my Guide?

    The survey needs to include.. "I am on my 'x' guide now"... (fill in the blank). I'm on my forth Guide and none have been particularly noteworthy.
  13. WhidbeyIsland

    Big dump haul

    wow, looks like it caught fire..?
  14. WhidbeyIsland

    New Limestone R1S w/ Stealth PPF wrap and chrome delete

    um, so where was the chrome that was deleted? (do you have a before pic?)
  15. WhidbeyIsland

    Any updated intel of when the Manual Tonneau Cover will be available?

    Ditto. I picked up my R1T in early November and am still waiting. I pinged my Guide last week and am still waiting on a reply with an updated status. <sigh>
  16. WhidbeyIsland

    Stowable 40" Light Bar Setup

    Very clean install, I like the low profile. Can you provide any pics of the custom SS brackets that you made?
  17. WhidbeyIsland

    Introducing Our New Door Handle Storage Box for Rivian R1S and R1T - Enhance Your Convenience!

    How about a few pictures of it installed in a vehicle?
  18. WhidbeyIsland

    Latest email update on Manual Tonneau Cover delivery

    I picked up my R1T in early November, no email notice yet... :(
  19. WhidbeyIsland

    Proof ID notary process is terrible

    I whole heartly agree. The Proof ID system/process was infuriating. It would not read our WA state DL's at all.. no matter if we used our phones or the camera on my PC. We finally used our US Passport cards.. those worked. It took us over 2 hours to complete just that step, and we are past...
  20. WhidbeyIsland

    Installing EV Sportline Running Boards this weekend, what do I need?

    I am receiving my EVSportline running boards today, so this is helpful to me as well... thanks for the comments.