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  1. Rivian & Ford cancel joint EV development plans [Automotive News]

    I can't say this comes as a great surprise, after the departure of Ford-affiliated folks from the company's board. Ford, Rivian cancel plans to jointly develop an EV Ford expects to become the nation's...
  2. Get This Man in an R1T, Stat

    First an F-150 Lightning, now a Hummer — it's clear that the president likes a fast truck. Time to show him one, RJ.
  3. Second Rivian Factory Most Likely to be in Georgia. Late-Stage Negotiations Ongoing

    Yep. This potential location seems better suited than inland Texas for production of vehicles for export, especially for products intended for shipment to Europe. Freight assembled there can be shipped by rail to the ports of Charleston or Savannah without needing to pass through Atlanta...
  4. Frightening EV Credits

    From Page 1243 of the House bill Presuming that the rebate would work as it does in other countries — with eligibility set according to the base MSRP — Rivian has a pretty straightforward workaround available for R1S sales. First: announce and begin accepting pre-orders for the standard-pack...
  5. Motortrend R1T Review on Pavement + Infotainment Review

    It’s a pretty special new band. (Well, okay — not new, really.)
  6. FOREST GREEN Rivian Club

    Wasn't expecting to see the Georgia legislative office buildings kick off this thread — but I dig it. (And it's good to see that one lobbyist or lawmaker in the second pic seems _mighty_ intrigued.)
  7. Rivian to Tell Its Own Tale from the Trans-America Trail

    They're up with it on Insta too — presumably they agreed to hold this until a few hours after Pt. 2 of the Motor Trend exclusive went up …
  8. NYTimes article on Rivian’s impact on their hometown

    Was just reading this. It seems from the story like the last year has meant growing pains for the town, if not (or perhaps as much as) for the company:
  9. Newest language on the EV incentive

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the makings of a straightforward path to make the R1S eligible for this proposed rebate are simple: announce and begin accepting pre-orders for the standard-pack model, and set the price of its Explore configuration well beneath the cap — say, at $65,000. No added...
  10. Rivian Washington DC (Scouting with RJ)

    That isn’t just near a DOT vehicle history trail. It’s right beside USDOT headquarters. One can even see Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg riding a bike away from that block — across M St SE, northward from Tingey St — in this tweet. _If_ this becomes a showroom, it’s a brilliant site...