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  1. protamine

    New Batch of SoCal First Mile Invites

    Im visiting my sister in LA the week after christmas. I wonder if theres any chance I could see the trucks. Or is the best bet the Rivian Hub in venice beach?
  2. protamine

    Feels impossible Rivian will deliver my R1T by end of November

    You didnt say which november. I can say with 100% confidence you'll have it by November 2022.
  3. protamine

    What vehicle will you switch to since Rivian is adding another 6-12 months to delivery times?

    Honestly, I have a 6 mile commute thats mostly in town. Probably should be commuting in something like this
  4. protamine

    What will you name your Rivian?

    I know thats from 7 months ago but I totally stole it and will be getting a R1SKY plate
  5. protamine

    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    To be fair if you only go from Q422 to Q223 you've had the shortest delay out of everyone. Heres the question. Are we locked into the window now? I'm sure config changes could move you back, but wonder if anything could move you up? Anyone have the guts?
  6. protamine

    Guide contacts not mentioned in delivery window email?

    My guess is they wanted to leave the guides out of it because there'd be 30k angry people yelling at them this week.
  7. protamine

    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    I think its our Res date. I was the same week as you, but R1S. Same window. They mustve gotten a ton of activity mid/late 2020. I bet theres a bimodal distribution.
  8. protamine

    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    10/20 order R1S LE KY July-September :-/
  9. protamine

    Looking to purchase your Launch Edition

    First off, take any 'expensive car' experience you have pre 2020 and throw it out. Given that you have a Taycan 4S presumably you know about the crazy games Porsche is playing. 25-100K for a GT3, 150k over for GT4RS, 20k for a GTS. Once again these are all mass produced. Look at what happened...
  10. protamine

    New Website Launched + Gear Shop!

    The kids approve
  11. protamine

    R1T named 1 of 3 finalists for 2022 North American Truck Of The Year

    They spent a whole summer doing Rivian promos. They said it was the most impressive new vehicle theyve seen. There is no, zero, none way that its not TOTY. I dont think the R1S will win next year though.
  12. protamine

    New Website Launched + Gear Shop!

    Swag for the whole bunch
  13. protamine

    Take delivery before a test drive?

    I would. Its par for the course if you are getting a Launch Edition. There hasnt been a single negative review. I'd feel comfortable. And at least I have all you R1T guinea pigs.
  14. protamine

    Motortrend tests R1T with 21" wheels -- "Quickest truck we've ever tested."

    And lets be honest, 0-60 is similar but by the 1/4 the 911 is travelling 13-15 mph faster. Fast AWD vehicles are fun around town though. The rivian will be borderline unbeatable since you dont have to put it in cheetah mode or wtf or whatever...just stab and go. 911s are great. Theres just a...
  15. protamine

    Edmunds full (independent) review for R1T - 317 mile range on 21” wheels

    I think this was an excellent video. Dont know what people really wanted from it. It had real results and no crazy over the top exaggerations. And the fact that hes a Model 3 owner helps too. That being said, I want his jacket. Any ideas? Signed, Never owned a truck wearing a Patagonia fleece...
  16. protamine

    So as of mid November 2021, whos seen one, driven one etc?

    While we twiddle our thumbs and hunker down for winter, I was thinking its time for another poll. Tired of pick your configuration polls, lets go with what level of exposure do you have to RIVN?
  17. protamine

    8 business days until Thanksgiving… are LE preorder holders getting contacted by our guides?

    I'm a RIvian sunshine pumper but the way that reads to me, expected delivery timing just means another delay window. You're early and on the coast so you should be at the top of the list when they do start though.
  18. protamine

    Doug DeMuro has a Rivian

    I know Doug can be polarizing due to his 'shtick' but I love him. You can't deny he isnt extremely consistent with his reviews and for all those who want a non paid evaluation of all the UI and showing you menus and sub menus, he's your guy. It will be a better video than most that have pretty...
  19. protamine

    If a Rivian is not my next car…

    You have a 2021 and 2020 vehicle...why can't you wait again?