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  1. Garage Door Integration? Homelink?

    I am tracking the q4 etron for my wife and they recently also pulled all online references, or so I was told on the Audi forum, of homelink. Tesla also stopped last year including them by default in the model 3. This seems like a supply chain feature removal.
  2. North Carolina (Raleigh) Rivian Fans

    I would think that South Hill location is going to be our service center to get started and likely where they send Service Techs from until they can get approval to operate in our great state. Considering I can make it from my section of North Raleigh to South Hill in an hour its actually not a...
  3. Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    For this crowd I would think the more accurate statement is "That will excite AND depress people"
  4. Where will we get service here in WMA? based On this article they are building in Richmond, scouting in South Hill and also a NoVa location in Arlington or Fairfax
  5. Rivian R1T OWNERS MANUAL Guide is here! 📒

    I just read a note about the upcoming Q4 etron also pulling all references to homelink from their specs and online configuration tool. Seeming more like a supply chain issue that they don’t want to hold up production.
  6. Can Rivian sell direct in NC?

    From the video posted today for the IPO they had this service center map. Since rivian can’t operate service centers in NC or SC it looks like they are planning something. The north dot looks like maybe south hill VA area, which is only an hour and change from Raleigh. The lower two I can’t...
  7. R1T w/ boat in tow @ Dana Point, CA [Videos]

    That looks like an early 2000s stringray, probably 24footer. Of course Im going off of one angle of a boat with very few identifiable markings. So thats about 4k dry + another 400lbs in gas and maybe 1k for the trailer. So 5400 or so
  8. My Q&A with Rivian reps at Venice Hub

    Regarding USB, If they car cant support USB Audio, I wonder what this statement in the owners guide is referring to when it says "read data"
  9. Where will we get service here in WMA?

    I saw this linked post with a "start date" of 10/1 and an address for Richmond. Hopefully it has at least started. Being a NC resident it sounds like Richmond is going to be my closest option for a bit...
  10. Can Rivian sell direct in NC?

    I'll be emailing today, it's "funny" to me how things are so backwards around direct vehicle sales...
  11. North Carolina (Raleigh) Rivian Fans

    If you look at the other threads going on after the S1 was released it sounds like us in NC/SC have some hurdles ahead. If my understanding is right Rivian is barred from operating both a direct sales center/selling vehicles AND direct service Centers in NC. NC is one of 7 states where they...