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  1. bd5400

    Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    Yes. They are supposed to snap in and out as you need/want.
  2. bd5400

    Cadillac Lyriq - debut edition orders accepted

    I do find the Lyriq to be an incredibly appealing option over all, though I’m still a little concerned it’s smaller than I’d want it to be. I really hope they come out with a higher performance version in the future. According to a poster on Reddit, black exterior or interior for the Lyriq...
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    New Member "hello" and shameless ask

    I’d imagine it’s for the R1S, not just the reservation, haha
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    Rivian hit with Gender Discrimination Lawsuit by ex-sales and marketing head, Laura Schwab

    Things like this move very, very slowly unless there is an early settlement (which is often confidential). If they do not settle, it could be a couple of years before there is any final resolution.
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    Thoughts on Exterior Lights (Turn Signals/Brake/Hazard Lights)

    Do you know where these studies are? I've never read anything suggesting DRLs are less safe during the day. Almost all criticism I've read regarding DRLs has to do with their night time use and people not realizing their headlights (and thus tail lights) are not on. The NHTSA says that DRLs...
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    Thoughts on Exterior Lights (Turn Signals/Brake/Hazard Lights)

    If Rivian wants to sell the R1T or R1S in Europe they will need to implement amber turn signals in the rear. Ideally those units would be swappable with the U.S. unit, but there could also be an issue with obtaining the parts if Rivian controls the supply and refuses to sell the European part to...
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    Looking to purchase your Launch Edition

    It isn't an official "transfer" through Rivian. People are changing all of the contact information in their Rivian account to the new person's information, prior to any purchase occurring. No double taxes.
  8. bd5400

    If I haven’t received a delivery date for my R1S, am I not in 2022?

    Only launch edition orders received a delivery estimate. Others will receive delivery estimates at the end of this year. Once you get that, you'll have an idea of when your delivery is scheduled.
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    Depends on what you consider a good reason. Adding CarPlay/AA means owners can bypass paying Rivian for in-car connectivity, limiting a revenue stream. It also potentially limits useful data Rivian could be collecting. From a consumer perspective that’s not a good reason. From a business...
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    Doug DeMuro: Rivian R1T OFF-ROAD: The Good and The Bad

    He isn’t the first review I’ve seen complaining of no individual tire pressure. One of the videos out of Breckinridge did as well. I’ll need to figure out if I can find which one. Edit: not Breckinridge. It was Rebelle...
  11. bd5400

    Doug DeMuro: Rivian R1T OFF-ROAD: The Good and The Bad

    The owners manual lists individual tire pressure display. Assuming that isn’t a misprint, my guess is that it will be an OTA update at some point.
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    That's what I'm naming mine, except spelling it Vivienne.
  13. bd5400

    Security of gear tunnel?

    The button to open it is on the top edge of the bed above the gear tunnel, but the button won’t work if the car is locked.
  14. bd5400

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    I’d say that’s disappointing, but I can’t imagine this means they aren’t doing something in Chicago or the suburbs. Hopefully whatever the plan is now it’s even better than the Fulton Market location.
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    The Forum is Stereotyping Yellow Cars

    Apparently the CAPTCHA system thinks that all yellow cars are taxis. Wouldn’t let me proceed without selecting the yellow Mazda on the lower right!
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    January 2022 Delivery Estimate Removed

    Why late 2023 for non-LE deliveries? That doesn't make any sense. If the current delivery estimates for LE vehicles are true, meaning they start in the spring and run through September, then at the very latest non-LE deliveries should start fall of 2022, if not earlier. Otherwise, you have a one...
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    📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Because the delivery window also takes into consideration location, I would not be shocked if there are Non-LE deliveries before all of the LE deliveries are done, but only to a few select locations where they already have robust service in place, like the Seattle area. It will be interesting...
  18. bd5400

    What are you sacrificing to stay below the $80,000 tax break threshold?

    As of now, nothing. I’m an R1T, LA Silver, Forest Edge interior, with the standard 21” wheels (+spare) for $75,600, before crossbars, wall charger, and all weather mats. Trying to avoid range limiting options like the AT tires and off road package really helps keep the price down.
  19. bd5400

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    It’s possible the website isn’t updated to reflect current availability. Since the first floor is divided up to have four retail spaces (if they aren’t combined) it’s possible Rivian will only occupy a portion of the first floor and the bulk of the building remains available for lease. Since...
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    new deliveries?

    This takes a while to get used to. My partner is used to driving either our Model 3 or our Model X with their quiet and effortless acceleration. Whenever we're in the GX and I'm trying simply accelerate to highway speeds it's always met with complaints of "are we in a rush?" and "don't kill us!"...