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  1. Max

    Just Ordered my Rivian R1S. Hoping to have it by Christmas...

    Kidding aside, you are within driving distance to Normal. You never know, you may get a good date. You should know about your delivery window around this Christmas. Let us know when you find out. Welcome to the forum.
  2. Max

    Cybertruck Quad-Motor & Crab Walk Feature Announced by Elon Musk

    As for CT price not making sense. By the time CT is out in any meaningful way, Y has caught up with demand and has to drop price so lower trim CTs‘ relative price will make sense. GigaTexas is all about Y at this time. That said Tesla’s days of wanting to save the planet by making affordable...
  3. Max

    Any reason to buy the 5 seater instead of 7 seater R1S?

    I would get a 2 seater option if they had it. The more seats, the more likely you will be the default transporter in family gatherings. Kidding aside, I have a hard time believing they would let the extra space go to waste. gotta see it to believe it. Even if there were two more inches of...
  4. Max

    Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    Actually 2000 miles and seeing in-laws earns even more of my respect.
  5. Max

    Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    Dyyyyymmmmnnn. You drove 2000 miles just for this? I have to up my devotion to the cause.
  6. Max

    Agua Dulce LA First Drive Event Impressions & Reactions (w/ Videos & Photos)

    _ what did you find about that 215 Range? Do you remember at how many percent was that 213 you saw? I assume 260s would be with off road tires and actual off roading and acceleration could lower that. And this was after your ride. Were you the first one on that R1T?
  7. Max

    Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    Can’t wait for an event near Maryland. Have you seen any 21s in an event? It looks like they bring only 20s on Adventure. I love to see an Explore R1S with 21s next to an Adventure R1S 20. Thank you. Great tip. I am at t he end of the line. It would be amazing if someone did this and...
  8. Max

    F-150 Lightning not starting deliveries until September 2022

    until next delay is announced, on paper they don't look too far apart:
  9. Max

    Rivian Selects AWS as Its Preferred Cloud Provider to Drive Efficiency, Performance, and Refinement of Electric Vehicles

    I am curious to see if I see TV suggestions on my amazon account if I talk about TVs with my wife on a road trip. The more important question is; do we get the shipping free if we order R1T or R1S through Amazon?
  10. Max

    Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    I am clear about most of my selections (Explore R1S) but still confused about wheel options. I need your input. Here is the deal: I don't like the look of 21 and 22 but I could live with 21. I like some meat on the tire so I could air it down if I have to and in general I hear they absorb...
  11. Max

    Is this Tesla's attempt at taking a shot at Rivian ?

    Fronk. front seat and rear floor. I would not take Y off road with the same peace of mind that I would Rivian. No spare and low ground clearance.
  12. Max

    Rivian delivery in Seattle (possible non-employee delivery)

    If it was his own, the photo would probably be slightly different; at his home without a mask with him behind the wheel. There is a good chance he just like cars (he was in an auto show). Nothing in the text indicating it is his. People usually brag; “my baby” or even naming it,…
  13. Max

    GM's Mary Barra Pressed To Acknowledge Tesla, Avoids And Refuses

    How was Bob Seger singing "Like a Rock" was a better investment?
  14. Max

    GM's Mary Barra Pressed To Acknowledge Tesla, Avoids And Refuses

    If you can't like this, you need to see an anger manager:
  15. Max

    GM's Mary Barra Pressed To Acknowledge Tesla, Avoids And Refuses

    From OP comments it sounded like a Jerry Springer show so I didn't watch it. I just don't get this need as a consumer to be fed constant conflict. To me as a potential buyer, it is completely irrelevant what these people think of each other. My expectation from a reporter is to dig out as...
  16. Max

    Feels impossible Rivian will deliver my R1T by end of November

    Did you skip the buddhist math class? That is disappointment. Happiness is Reality minus Expectations ;) Sorry couldn’t help it. Waiting for a Rivian, we need to get this right,
  17. Max


    I would be fine with Bluetooth connection and one of these. Smaller screens don’t bug me that much. What I care most about is how much of “my data” will be used without my knowledge or consent in what way and what functionality will I lose if I don’t rent my $80K Rivian after purchasing it (if...
  18. Max

    3rd Row Design / Cargo Area Photos?

    Just got a response from Rivian to some of my questions. I am not sure how obvious they are or where they have been discussed before but I will share them anyway. ”Interior dimensions are exactly the same on 5 and 7 seat”. The only way I can see that can be true is the space used for 3rd...
  19. Max

    R1T Towing Range Sneak Peek — 44 Miles of Predicted Range with 37% Battery Remaining

    I would love to see a comp chart for different options but that mustang looks mighty low profile and aerodynamic. I don’t know how much better than that you can get. If the range drops that much with this setup I doubt airstream would do that much better. It looks like until we get a warp...