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  1. Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    Based on the delivery notification email thread (for LE), there were several in Jax, Orlando, Souts Florida and one in Pcola.
  2. Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    No. Adventure with off-road, max pack. 20”, AT, El Cap. June 19’
  3. Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    With Atlanta 4-5 hours away, I may be sooner in delivery…?
  4. Florida/Southeast left in the dark

    Greetings. I’m in Tallahassee. I’m confident we’ll be able to attend a test drive as the time nears for our purchase confirmation. Based on the numerous reviews, I am comfortable with progress on the quality of the build; albeit with expectations they’ll tighten-up the software side of things...
  5. Estimated Time of Delivery feature coming to Rivian configuration tool

    Greetings. In a chat just now, the CS agent indicated they are adding a estimated time of delivery feature to the configuration tool by the end of the year…
  6. How are the trailer brake lights engaged when letting off accelerator pedal?

    I’ve never owned a EV vehicle so I’m not familiar with the capabilities with regard to towing a trailer. I imagine it’s a software mode but wanted to ask the forum how are the trailer brake lights engaged if all (or mostly) one is using to slow the vehicle is to let off the accelerator pedal? Is...
  7. What Will Be The First Song You Play In Your New Rivian?

    “Freight Train Jam” off War’s album “The World is a Ghetto”. 40th anniversary edition. Outstanding album. In high resolution digital.
  8. VERY DISAPPOINTED!!! No 400+ battery until Jan. 2022?!?!?!

    I am majorly disappointed regarding the release of the 400+ battery...
  9. Passive noice cancellation response...

    Greetings. I sent Rivian a question regarding the potential to include passive noice cancellation and here’s their response: Thanks for reaching out! We appreciate your continued support as a member of our preorder community. Our teams have been working diligently to optimize on and off-road...
  10. Florida Pre-orders

    Received my notice today as well for ATL on the 13th from 6-9. Unfortunately, I’m working and will be unable to make the time from my location.
  11. Florida Pre-orders

    Just received the notice yesterday about the ATL event so looking out for the date and details. I’ll most likely attend.
  12. Florida Pre-orders

    I’m thinking five makes a quorum :-)
  13. Florida Pre-orders

    Indeed! Now, if someone would buy the cook station, we can make this a party :-)
  14. Florida Pre-orders

    Sounds good to me. Mountain biking anyone? Some great trails south of me near Tampa.
  15. Florida Pre-orders

    Greetings. Just made a deposit on the R1T and I live in Tallahassee. I currently drive a RX 450 F-Sport Hybrid and am very excited about this new truck coming on the market!