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  1. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    It’s interesting you say that. Our trip to Sedona renewed some of my enthusiasm for my R1S preorder (some amazing off-roading opportunities out there that my XC90 can’t handle nearly as well), but I too have lost lots of interest. That said, I can’t help but think about the hedonic treadmill and...
  2. Polestar Precept announced as Polestar 5 - This thing looks amazing !

    Think the Precept is so damn beautiful. Already a fan of Volvo, and if not for the R1S I suspect I’d be in the P*2 right now. This should be coming out right around the time of my 50th. Happy midlife crisis birthday to me!!!!
  3. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    May - June 2022 for an R1S LE ordered April 2019 and delivery in Orange County, CA. Stormtrooper with white interior and ATs.
  4. What's Your Rivian Stock Price Forecast - IPO + 7 days, 90 days, 1 year?

    Exactly this....I KNOW with certainty that it will be a bumpy ride, and have extreme confidence it will trade lower than where we are today at some point in the coming year (probably the coming weeks), but I'm already sitting on too much cash and don't know what I'd do w/ it. My plan has been...
  5. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    Unless you're a bona fide day trader my opinion is that timing the market is extremely difficult. I was calling a top in private company (tech) valuations in the 2018/2019 timeframe....who's the dunce now? Me. Ultimately I gave up on trying to forecast when the valuations would turn. Good...
  6. Poll: RIVN price at close on end of first day of trading

    Can I change my answer from earlier? :-)
  7. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    I'm 100% on the opposite end. I intend to bury & forget these shares. Much like my dad's 1964.5 Mustang is still in my family, I'm going in on RIVN for the long haul and will see what happens with these shares in my "collecting" account over the years/decades.
  8. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    I hope people don't try to play games with this. You are either in or you aren't. If it tanks then you "bought" at $78.00 despite not being funded on the date of the IPO. I suspect most of us don't have the deep pockets to go toe to toe w/ MS or another big firm - especially if we're not...
  9. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    I'm hoping my ACH xfer goes through, and if I don't see it process on my bank side within a couple days the document said they need payment within 4 business days of November 15th. Plenty of time to initiate a wire if the ACH $hit the bed for some reason. While I'd love to see a nice pop...
  10. Edit: Rivian IPO up on SoFi and ETrade

    I don't specifically disagree, and the targeted market cap is definitely down from the original $80B that was being floated, but in this world of meme coins worth tens of billions (each!) and SaaS valuations (both public & private) that are at all time highs it's hard to think that traditional...
  11. Edit: Rivian IPO up on SoFi and ETrade

    Probably worth mentioning that the article I read saw had the following from the S-1: "We currently anticipate that up to 0.5% of the shares of Class A common stock offered hereby will, at our request, be offered to retail investors through SoFi Securities LLC via its online brokerage platform...
  12. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    So depending on the allocation can we potentially double dip between SoFi and the Direct Registration?
  13. EV tax credit increase to $12,500 in Biden's latest proposal as of 10/28

    I largely agree with the last posts and that of dfx. I’d conditioned myself to thinking I’d get some sort of tax credit, but ultimately it’s not a driver for the decision to buy the R1S over something else that didn’t have a credit. I want the R1S, full stop, end of story. IMO, even at the...
  14. Quasi Rivian Investing Related

    Thought I'd take the liberty of sharing a great book that could be timely, especially with all the TSLA comparisons I'm read about. The book is called "How to Think About Money", and beyond the basics that many people know about it really gets into the relationship we have with our money. If...
  15. Official Rivian Stories: A Space To Gather - First Hub Opens @ Venice, CA

    Was glad to get the invite from Rivian - I'm hoping that means OC (I'm near Irvine) should be in the sphere for our R1S LE.
  16. Rivian Improvements Over Your Current Vehicle?

    Even though my daughters are just graduating out of Indian Princesses I’m super excited about camping with them in the R1S. Loads of power (whether driving or parked), ability to do legit off-roading vs my XC90 with 21” all season tires, and super comfy for the kids in case inclement weather...
  17. On board maps with no cell coverage? Are they stored somewhere in the system?

    I know Volvo let’s you download various regions/maps for this exact reason, so I’d be shocked if Rivian didn’t allow for the same. Great question but I’m not worried that they’ll miss this.
  18. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    That’s news to me, but I haven’t been on Swedespeed in ages and was going off the YouTube reviews. Our 2020 XC90 with Sensus and CarPlay has been rock solid and a massive upgrade from 2018 with the same system but slower hardware.
  19. Lack of Android Auto / Waze is a reason to cancel

    It’ll be interesting to compare the Rivian UI/UX with Polestar in the coming quarters and years. Polestar went all-in on Android Automotive as their system (think CarPlay was coming too) and I don’t recall seeing one review of the Polestar 2 where people weren’t incredibly impressed with it...