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  1. R1S comparable to which models in Gas vehicles in size

    Sure it would be nice, but let's be realistic....what other manufacturer does that?
  2. Confident RIVN Price Prediction and why I purchased more today

    IMO transparency and clear, regular communication are critical to supporting a sky-high valuation, especially with no material revenue or profitability. I'm cheering for them (and my LE), but my money is on the sidelines until they demonstrate mass production proficiency.
  3. What $70K ICE car would you have gotten ?

    It now looks like my Bronco (which I reserved right when the site when live) will arrive before my Rivian.
  4. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    Your Launch Edition R1T delivery window is now July - September 2022. The problem is that I recently changed my configuration to an R1S. I guess they must have come up w/ order timing at least a couple of weeks ago?
  5. Tonneau Mixed Messages...Concerned!

    I just switched to an R1S due to long-term concerns about the tonneau cover and gear tunnel doors. It seems like there's a good bit more to potentially go wrong on the truck.
  6. Can we be honest with each other - what benefit does a Rivian have over upcoming EVs?

    Agreed. Look at the % of Jeep Wranglers that never go off road.
  7. To the Rivian Board: Get your priorities straight

    Sorry, I don't speak or write in programming language.
  8. First Rivian Supercharger Spotted @ Irvine Facility

    I'd assume the map to chargers is in the on-board navigation.
  9. To the Rivian Board: Get your priorities straight

    Sorry, it doesn't work that way at all. Voting rights, not stake, are what establishes control. RJ's shares have 10 votes each vs 1 for everyone else's shares. You could collectively amass 49% of voting rights, and you'd have influence but no control.
  10. First Rivian Supercharger Spotted @ Irvine Facility

    Are you sure about that? No TM logo on Tesla's Supercharger page, and it was "borrowed" from an ICE device that was invented before Elon was even born.
  11. Morgan Stanley Seems to be Blocking Launch Holders from IPO

    Relax! If you can't acquire IPO shares, MS is doing you a favor. Wait and buy at a lower price on the open market. There's nothing special about getting in on this IPO.
  12. Official: Rivian IPO priced at $78 per share (@ $77 billion valuation)!

    I haven't gotten anything either, but that's OK b/c it's a hard pass for me at that pricing. I hope the raise is a huge success to give them lots of liquidity to get through the production ramp.
  13. Garage Speaker Setup Ideas?

    Go w/ a Sonos system. Their gear sounds great and is super easy to set up and use.
  14. Rivian Raises Target IPO Price (RIVN)

    I was skeptical about the valuation previously, thinking about buying 100 share w/ the hope that maybe it might accelerate the delivery of my R1T. W/ the higher price range, no frickin' way. I'll consider buying it after the price tanks after the IPO. Don't get me wrong, I love the company...
  15. Titan Global Capital Management's Take on Rivian IPO

    I'm a client, and this is their perspective, which I happen to agree with. Personally, I think they should postpone the IPO until they get production up to scale. Has any company ever previously gone public with this kind of valuation prior to generating any material revenue? Q: How are...
  16. DSP (Directed Share Program) to purchase Rivian IPO shares - now live via web portal

    Has there ever been another company IPO @ ~$60B market cap before even generating any material revenue or ramping to mass production? I'm very bullish on their prospects but have a very hard time justifying their desired valuation at this time.
  17. Rivian officially qualifies for IRC 30D Tax Credit

    Was there any doubt? Not with me, at least until the current set of. rules changes.
  18. How to buy Rivian Pre-IPO stocks.

    I invest in companies for earnings and. cash flow, not sales, so price/sales isn't that meaningful as a valuation metric to me. Also, they need to have delivered the #'s, not just have a shot at achieving them at some undeterminable future time.
  19. Per Rivian: plant is running 2 production lines... one for Amazon and another for the R1T. Won't delay the R1T

    Some of y'all need to chill! I'm eagerly awaiting mine, but it's a truck, not a necessity of life! I'd like to see more frequent updates by Rivian as well, but they've already out-communicated every other mfg. I've bought or reserved a vehicle from, including Tesla. I have a Day 1 Bronco...
  20. R1S capability vs R1T offroad?

    True, but it's terrible for aerodynamics (esp. important on an EV w/ limited charging infrastructure), center of gravity, and the hassle of pulling it down and securing the flat one after the change.