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  1. Time to delivery.... if I order now.

    Supposedly no-Launch Edition orders will get estimated time frames towards the end of this month. I've only read that online, I place an order in Sep 2021 and haven't seen it from Rivian itself. People may have better guesses once those come out, and those guesses are only based on Rivian...
  2. Thoughts on Exterior Lights (Turn Signals/Brake/Hazard Lights)

    If its on the internet it must be true.
  3. Cadillac Lyriq - debut edition orders accepted

    2023 according to my email.
  4. Wheel Selection (20" with road tire)?

    Rivian isn't exactly hosting a ton of events right now. At least on the east coast. And the Brooklyn showroom isn't the easiest to get to for most.
  5. Cadillac Lyriq - debut edition orders accepted

    Not really any different than Rivians deposit method.
  6. Cadillac Lyriq - debut edition orders accepted

    I'm debating on the 20's vs 22's for the wheels. Heart and eyes want 22's, Pennsylvania roads want 20's. If I go through with the purchase. I think this will come about a year before the Rivian is ready (late Sep 2021 Rivian order).
  7. Removable Roof Option

    My understanding is your configuration isn't locked until one of their "Guides" contacts you and tells you to finalize your configuration. I can't imagine they would lock you out of future options should they make them available before your build date. But I also am skeptical on Rivian adding...
  8. Hyundai Ioniq 5

    Hyundai/Kia still quiet on the pricing. I would guess its probably in the Mach E/Q4 Etron territory. But to be honest, the more I look at either of them, the less I like them. They seem to have gone overboard on the styling in my opinion.
  9. Doug Demuro Review (eventual placeholder) - predictions (as of 9/2/21)

    I don't think he goes back and re-rates vehicles. He rates what it is at the time of review, which is the fairest thing. So maybe the R1S will score higher when/if there are software updates, if he reviews that, but the R1S doesn't look like it will have as many "quirks and features" (tonneau...
  10. R1T - Running, Brake, Signal, and Fog lights

    Does anybody know how the headlights work? If you put a lift kit on a Jeep, you can adjust some screws to point the headlights down so you don't blind oncoming drivers. With the Rivian adjustable air suspension, do the headlights automatically adjust down?
  11. Rivian R1T Get Tinted Tail Lights, Front Light Charging Status Bar + Window Tint 😈

    I'm not a fan of the light tints. But let's face it, they are probably employee vehicles, and they are trying to differentiate their Rivians from all the other Rivians in their parking lot at work, at Rivian. It's probably easily removed also. Front definitely looks like a unibrow.
  12. Practically The Same Size🤣

    Just about every review I watched on the electric Mini thought it was great, possibly better than the ICE versions. The battery is small (for a lot of people), but a larger, heavier battery would take away the fun characteristics of the car. I haven't driven one, but was considering one, but 35...
  13. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    Just by reading some of the comments in this thread some people won't be happy unless it has a perfect review, despite never driving one themselves. And some won't be happy until someone does a tow test with a car trailer, but that won't be good enough so a boat trailer test will have to be...
  14. Concerned with reliability of this new startup?

    I think anyone should be concerned about reliability for a new brand. It's an unknown. I know it has a nice warranty, but a warranty doesn't matter if the company goes out of business. Or if you can't get replacement parts that may be hard to get for awhile. I still plan on going forward with my...
  15. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    Driving the R1T on public roads is what at least 95% of buyers plan on doing, me included. I don't think he takes anything off road to test, so that wouldn't be normal for him (TheSmokingTire does, hopefully they get to test one) . As for the ride quality, he said it was fine, just fine, not...
  16. Doug Demuro Review: The Rivian R1T Is the Coolest Pickup Truck Ever Made

    Glad to see a video by someone that reviews all kinds of vehicles, and it still did well. Also glad to hear some fair criticisms, not all rainbows and unicorns. The Colorado reviews were nice, but controlled, and not much everyday driving.
  17. What $70K ICE car would you have gotten ?

    Per mile is not necessarily fair. I take the Pennsylvania Turnpike about 32 miles each way (about $8 a day total), to and from work. 64 miles, each day I go to work (and I can't work remotely). It's a toll road. I already pay to use it. I shouldn't be taxed twice for a road I already pay to use...
  18. 📬 Rivian Sends Delivery Window E-Mail. What’s Your Dates? => Vote in Poll!

    I ordered a 2019 Jeep Wrangler in 2018, and it showed up on my dealers website as available when it was shipped (but still not arrived at dealer). The dealers just post whatever they have in stock, even if its a customer order. The dealers websites purpose is to get potential customers to call...
  19. Just reserved

    You may be able to just get a tire repair kit and fix a puncture yourself, especially with the onboard air compressor. But I've had at least 3 flat tires the last 10 years, luckily all were discovered in my driveway. Pennsylvania roads. I'll gladly take a spare. No experience with run flats. I...
  20. Why the 6-month delay from Oct ‘21 to Mar ‘22?

    Trust me, they probably have a team of lawyers, I highly doubt they are in danger of lawsuits, just angry/disappointed potential customers. Give me a delay over an incomplete or shoddy product anytime. Yes the stock may be down, but I don't think anyone is surprised its becoming a realistic...