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  1. SolrPower

    R1S Megawatt Slider with body panels

    Definitely wasn't needed but does give a cleaner look if you ever get run over by a Rivian. Easy cuts via a bandsaw. Both front and rear pieces were connected by original mounting points and screws. I gave the rear some extra clearance for debris to fall out. As for mounting, I decided to use...
  2. SolrPower

    R1S Megawatt Sliders by Electruck 4x4 - installed photos & review

    Ordered Megawatt sliders by @electruck4x4 last October, just got delivered yesterday and installed it the same day. The old sayings of "you get what you paid for" and "it's worth the wait" are completely true for these sliders. Hands down, the best sliders on the market. Quality of craftsmanship...
  3. SolrPower

    Yakima Fatcat or Thule Snowpack?

    What's everyone preference? I know Rivian sells the Fatcats and the OEM bars are made by Yakima. Both Thule and Yakima can be mounted via straps or t-slots. Some reviews mentioned the Yakima whistles and locking mechanism is prone to freezing. While the Fatcats are aesthetically rounder, Thule...
  4. SolrPower

    Mobile tech fixed dash speaker grill rattle -- details & photos

    Rivian mobile tech came by and repaired the infamous dash speaker grill rattle by putting some foam/pad on the snap connectors and tightened the metal tabs onto the frame. He mentioned that Rivian now put foam under the metal mesh in between the frame on recent builds. Before it was just the...
  5. SolrPower

    Recycled emblems

    Dechromed with Abstract Ocean black badges and decided to pimp my charger and wall cabinet by recycling the old emblems. Leave no trace in the landfill I guess.
  6. SolrPower

    Dash rattle / dead pedal carpet issues

    Took delivery last week of a September 2023 build R1S. I got the infamous dash rattle that I have a service call to fix the dash speaker grill. While narrowing down other rattles, I noticed that my dead pedal was loose and discovered the carpet was not secured. Anyone else with similar issues? I...