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  1. elektrode

    Foam Cannon Dialed!

    Took an inordinate amount of YouTube videos to get here. LOL
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    This guy was R3X before R3X

    Near my parent’s house:
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    North Carolina FS: 2 21” wheels with 15k tires

    I have a set of 4 21” wheels with stock tires that have 15k miles on them. The tires are not great and in some places are down to 4/32-3/32. Rotated at 7k and 12k. Good enough for full sized spare, but not much life left. The hassle free, local pickup price for the set is $1000...
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    Deflowered My R1T Today with new wheels and tires.

    New wheels and tires.
  5. elektrode

    Are 21” and 20” center caps the same size?

    Trying to figure out if I need to order center caps with a 20” All Terrain wheel if I already have bought 21” center caps. Anyone know for sure?
  6. elektrode

    ABRP Can’t Calculate Route?

    ABRP is now telling me it can’t calculate a route that I’ve asked it to calculate probably 20-30 times in the past (which it has been able to do). I now have to select a very particular charger at a midway way point to get it solve. I thought ABRP was supposed to make Rivian better? Is Rivian...
  7. elektrode

    Bad Efficiency Getting Worse?

    Not impressed with my efficiency… and it seems to be getting worse. 21” R1T Yes, the temperature has dropped recently. Today was 55. We had our first freeze last night. For the last 400+ miles, I’ve not been able to break above 2.0mi/kWH. It’s like the mid line is a brick wall for my truck...
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    North Carolina Sold: WTB 20” wheels with TPMS

    Looking for the standard gun metal grey 20s. Maybe you’re wanting to switch to brights or 22s and wanna get rid of what ya got.
  9. elektrode

    Preconditioning Fan Louder on 2023.18.0?

    Took a 1500 mile trip last week. Outside temps were high 80s. I noticed the preconditioning fan was just ripping and very loud when I approached the DCFCs. Very loud and causing vibrations in the dashboard. Truck has 10k miles. Just wondering if there’s any correlation to louder preconditioning...
  10. elektrode

    5 Tire Rotation Pointless on 21s?

    Just payed for my first 5 tire rotation on my new-ish 21s. Now I’m thinking that’s dumb. I was hoping to get that “extra 20% on miles” and not wind up with a dry rotted spare down the road. Tread was reported as 7/32 on all tires. 7000 miles. That’s 1/32 per 2,333 miles. This means I have...
  11. elektrode

    App 1.10: Phone key pairing failed

    Flaky AF this morning. Been having to use keycard to drive several times the last week. Now the App just gave up. Tried, but can’t get the app and truck to get in sync anymore. What a fun tech chore to start the day.
  12. elektrode

    Why the term SoC?

    I don’t get it. Partly because my industry is System on a Chip (SoC). :) Of course if I say, in a conversation about my battery, “I’m at 50%” or “I charged to 81%”, we all know I’m talking about the % of charge in the battery. Why does everyone offer up the redundant and multi-syllabic...
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    West Virginia is a Rivian Dead Zone

    This is crazy:
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    Random Stops When Reversing

    From time to time, when I’m backing out of my driveway, the R1T will flash some warning showing a brake pedal, then it will stop the truck and put it in park. The message is displayed only very shortly in the driver instrument screen and my eyes are elsewhere loking at the main screen...
  15. elektrode

    Valve Stem/TPMS Sheared Off!

    Had my first flat on 21s early this week. Glad I had a compressor and working spare. Picked up a roofing nail (after dodging that bullet for two years in a new neighborhood). Anyway, the chaps at DiscountTire were kind enough to repair the tire FOR FREE! I replaced the tire at home for...
  16. elektrode

    Does NOT Fit: LFOTPP Rivain R1T R1S Car Center Organizer

    PSA: LFOTPP Rivain R1T R1S Car Center Organizer Tray DOES NOT FIT! Waited a month as I liked the rubber pads. Maybe it would fit if I used significant force, but it might never come out. Disappointing.
  17. elektrode

    Post Your Gearguard Vids of PAAK Not Working

    Might be funny. Gary is starting to video me getting pissed off waiting for PAAK to actually work. When the tech dropped by for the recall, we both say there awkwardly as PAAK took 45 sec to do anything. Come on Gary, if you’re awake enough to video me, open the frickin door.
  18. elektrode

    Charging Plans for Inclement Weather (Hurricanes)

    In a gas car, I’d fill up just in case… What do you do for an EV? Don’t wanna charge to 100% and let it sit. 85%? 70%
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    Are your passengers repeatedly unable to close doors ?

    Are your passengers incapable of closing their doors? Over and over again?