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  1. KRG

    Small Dent Near Logo at Delivery - How to Handle Possible Big Repair?

    Yeah I have a couple little “dents” around mine. They’re not very noticeable unless you’re looking for them. Didn’t even notice them until weeks after getting the truck. I’m not gonna sweat it. I freakin love my Rivian quirks and all. I hear ya though. I am also ocd aboht this stuff. I sold a...
  2. KRG

    Absolutely sick of Alexa's god-awful navigation

    Alexa is horrible, and I live in Orange County so should be properly mapped. I haven’t figured out how to make her work well at anything. She can’t find locations and she seems to almost always default to Amazon Music when I ask instead of Spotify. I’m sure this can be tweaked but haven’t...
  3. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    Truly appreciate all the perspectives on this. Fun discussion that I didn’t expect.
  4. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I absolutely love the amount of response this has received haha.
  5. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    The R2 and R3 they’ve been touring around the country have the yellow accents. Other than that it’s anyone’s guess how they’ll badge future models.
  6. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I don’t really care, I was just genuinely curious what the thought would be here since it’s a very different crowd than the standard BMW, Honda, whatever noise.
  7. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I don’t even see people really look at my truck here. SoCal is immune to noticing cool cars lol.
  8. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I’ll paint the little yellow bar in the R1T badge matte black as a compromise. Fair? Haha
  9. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I appreciate all the varied responses. Obviously this was posted with more than a hint of sarcasm but I do enjoy everyone’s opinions. In my mind the yellow accent color is more of a Rivian signature than specifically a QM signature. The yellow is already in the interior and I just feel like it...
  10. KRG

    New Mustang Mach-e GT Rally EV beats Rivian R3X to the punch

    I like the standard Mach E but hate this. The Mach E design is not retro at all, so this just looks awkward.
  11. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I have a Dual motor R1T. I really love the yellow accents throughout the truck, especially on Limestone as it's a muted color. If I install the black/yellow exterior badging on my dual motor am I a fraud? Will you all roast and shun me? I need to know. :D
  12. KRG

    Limestone with satin PPF and chrome delete

    Looks amazing! Not to hijack, but similar vibe to my satin wrapped Tesla so I definitely approve.
  13. KRG

    Picking up my R1T tomorrow. 😊

    Haha! And congrats!
  14. KRG

    Differences in steering weight between my R1T and loaner?

    I have 22s and my steering doesn’t feel heavy to me, but idk 🤷‍♂️
  15. KRG

    Slow/unresponsive FOB?

    Mine doesn’t seem to work well either. Brand new 2024 R1T. PAAK works flawlessly though.
  16. KRG

    Trade in R1 for refresh? What would it take?

    I completely agree with this. I have no idea why so many are so obsessed with having a NACS port and viewing it as some game changer. As someone that loves the Supercharger network and has used it for multiple long road trips in my Tesla, i don’t see the issue using an adapter. 95% of charging...
  17. KRG

    Spotted: New R1 wheel and tire option coming?

    I still love my black wheels 🤷‍♂️