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  1. RIVIAN Owner's Pittsburgh, PA

    I'm near Lancaster PA - I bought a set of magnetic pucks before we picked up our R1S. For state inspection, I waited until I hit 6,000 miles and then took it to my local tire place (CJ's Tire) where I knew they'd let me talk them through the process and watch as they rotated the tires and did...
  2. R1S TIP: Easy and safe method for 120v AC extension cord pass-thru outside vehicle

    Not that I was being skeptical, but I was able to close the tailgate with my finger where the cord would come through. I don't need a flat extension cord. This is an amazing find, but I don't understand where there is any kind of seal! Good thing we don't have to worry about exhaust fumes...
  3. Road trip destination suggestions NYC Metro to--->???

    All of the PA State Parks opened the second Friday in April...Make a road trip and hit a couple: Leonard Harrison State Park - Go and hike a bit of the West Rim Trail on the other side of Pine Creek: Cherry Springs State Park - One of the best places to star gaze in the east. Rustic camping...
  4. Cat camping and charging with TT-30 adapter [R1S]

    We have two Ragdolls who have never been out of our house except in their cat carrier to go to the vet. I can't imagine either of them tolerating the harness or taking them camping - Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you. One of them does love the Rivian though...
  5. Cat camping and charging with TT-30 adapter [R1S]

    Thanks for posting - the length of your video was perfect and it was really enjoyable!
  6. Any easy off-road trail recommendations?

    You may need to do some digging if nobody replies. I'm in PA and live not too far from Rausch Creek Offroad Park - They actually have lots of different trails and guides who will take you out. The nice thing is that you're not required to have a winch on all of them (although I'm pretty sure a...
  7. Improving the Rivian Flashlight

    I keep a headlamp in each car for emergencies. I went to put on in our R1S and remembered that I have a flashlight already. Murphy's Law tells me that when I really need the flashlight I'm going to need both hands also and I'm over holding a flashlight in my mouth. I found the Nite Ize...
  8. Camp speaker pairing and charging problems

    In the owner's manual, they explain that the speaker must be charged initially from a wall plug in the house: After that it's supposed to maintain the charge from the dock in the R1. If you never charged it externally until you got the beeping that may have simply been your issue.
  9. Installing an external drive for camera video storage

    Did you follow the instructions in the user's manual and then enable the Drive Cam? If it didn't recognize your SSD then you won't be able to enable it.
  10. R1S TIP: Easy and safe method for 120v AC extension cord pass-thru outside vehicle

    Okay - stupid question here as I put this in my Amazon cart...Nothing on this item indicates that it's suitable for outdoor use. It says specifically "for indoor use". I'll apologize for my ignorance - does it matter?
  11. R1S TIP: Easy and safe method for 120v AC extension cord pass-thru outside vehicle

    This is brilliant! As I look at the upcoming camping season I was starting to get more and more frustrated with Rivian because they didn't put an external outlet on the R1S (I know - true "first world" problem). Now - I don't know where they would have put it (behind the hitch cover?), just...
  12. My R1S rear ended a delivery truck - results

    Ugh - that sucks. Good luck.
  13. Vandalism on Rivian - sharing for awareness

    I've been thinking about this a lot - I'm so sorry this happened to you and am concerned that, by getting away with it, the perp will feel empowered to repeat it. Here's my suggestion: Contact the police and, if they won't do anything, tell them you need a police report that it was reported to...
  14. Random Rivian Photos of the Day - Post Yours! 📸 🤳

    Is that the Napier Sportz SUV Tent? I'm looking at these and was wondering how you like it.
  15. How do you handle texts in your R1?

    LOL - Fraternal...Simply sisters born 4 minutes apart. The youngest is about 5 inches taller than her sister, but I do like the way you think!
  16. How do you handle texts in your R1?

    I've been gifted with four daughters - 33, 29, and the 17-year old twins. It was a nice change taking the older two off our policy before the twins were driving. I did have fun with my insurance agent when adding the twins to my policy. One got her license a week before the other. When I...
  17. How do you handle texts in your R1?

    I'm waiting to see if that is indeed true. I have twin daughters who are 17, so what I pay in car insurance is astronomical to begin with, and then when we added the R1S last August I think I heard my agent gasp at the cost of insuring it. As it is, I'm the only one (out of 4) in the family...
  18. How do you handle texts in your R1?

    I have Allstate as well and was reluctant to do the "Drivewise" thing because I've always viewed speed limits as "general guidelines" rather than as laws. As I was working with my local agent to reduce my insurance cost he told me that signing up for Drivewise will give me about a 15% discount...
  19. How do you handle texts in your R1?

    iPhones here...My wife very successfully uses Siri to read incoming texts and send replies in our R1S. I just wait until I get to my destination. The iPhone also has something called "Driving Focus" which you can turn on and off (like Airplane Mode) and it alerts the sender of a text that you...