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  1. NineElectrics

    R2 / R3 Rooftop Tent RTT (by Rivian) First Looks ⛺️

    I hope that light fixtures in tents in campgrounds don’t become a thing. Admittedly, we are already there with RVs, but this one is higher and can be seen from farther away.
  2. NineElectrics

    R2 Reveal Livestream Watch Party - March 7 @ 10 am PST!! -- NOW!! 😳 👀

    I love the dual glove boxes and the real instrument panel. It’s better than I expected. I might not be a fan of the haptic steering wheel buttons, though.
  3. NineElectrics

    Am I the Only One Who Thinks R3 Looks Dated Circa 1980s

    I don’t like this R3 styling, but I do like the Ioniq 5. The R3 body panels are too simple and don’t have enough detail. To each their own, though.
  4. NineElectrics

    Below Average

    The stock was down on the expectation of huge cash raise for the Georgia factory. As I predicted last week, if the raise is less than the market expects, the stock would pop. That happened today as Rivian announced they’re not going to bleed cash into Georgia factory for the time being...
  5. NineElectrics

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    The R3 takes me back to the early 80s, and I don’t really want to be on that ride. Still, a lot of kids won’t remember the 80s and will have no baggage around buying it.
  6. NineElectrics

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    It’s not hard to keep vaporware secret. Even at the Model 3 reveal only a few of the display cars were actually drivable. These are custom one-offs.
  7. NineElectrics

    R2 Reservations are open and it's FAST!

    0-60 time is similar to the Volvo EX30, which is cheaper but slightly smaller. It’s unnecessary to have a car that fast, but you get it for free with EVs, really. Not much extra engineering is needed.
  8. NineElectrics

    R3 Reveal Shocks!!! 😱

    This R3 PR play strongly telegraphs that a huge capital ask to the public markets is imminent. Why else would they pump so hard? It’s cover for cash they need to raise anyway. Right out of the Tesla playbook.
  9. NineElectrics

    Rivian to cut 1 of 3 shifts for R1 production at Normal plant, starting next month

    If demand continues to drop, they're going to magically increase production efficiency in Normal by so much that they "won't need" the GA factory. That's good, because it's expensive. They will put it on the back burner for another five years, is my prediction.
  10. NineElectrics

    Experience shopping for an EV9 vs R1S - Update

    In the winter, the dual max pack nets me about 30 miles over the quad. In the summer, maybe it will be 50 miles.
  11. NineElectrics

    Does the R2 actually kill Rivian?

    I hate to break it to you, but no evil conspiracy of FUDsters is trying to “kill Rivian” on this forum. Even if they were, forum posts don’t matter at all.
  12. NineElectrics

    Does the R2 actually kill Rivian?

    The Osborne Effect you describe is real, and Rivian already faces weakening demand. Also, competitors like Kia are already doing it better at that price point. They will have to raise a lot of cash, and the quality of the R2s will be as bad as, if not worse than, the R1s, since they will be in a...
  13. NineElectrics

    Moment When Huge Boulders Crush Moving Trucks In Peru

    Did these trucks have glass roofs?
  14. NineElectrics

    Ford NACS Adapter Released + Access to Tesla Superchargers Now Available

    When will we get an adapter which spoofs MACs? That doesn’t seem like a very secure auth. mechanism. Needs a per-vehicle public/private key.
  15. NineElectrics

    New Converted Rivian Owner (Previously Owned Every Tesla Model)

    New poster, and they have all of this praise for Rivian all of a sudden? Where have they been the past five years? Must be a long-buyer trying to manipulate Rivian stock! /s
  16. NineElectrics

    Switched from Launch Edition Quad to Dual Motor Max Pack Performance -- my impressions / review

    Update: I miraculously got a service slot that wasn't four months away, probably due to a cancellation. Service was truly exceptional, and fixed everything I had on my list. Kudos, service! Since that time a few more issues have popped up: - the glass roof rattles on some mountain roads - the...
  17. NineElectrics

    Third Rivian R2 teaser image - "Jump in — the water’s warm" (2/28/24)

    I think that's an AI generated image. The fudged lettering is a dead giveaway. Also, the second row door handle is in the wrong spot. But, that said, we need more AIs working for Rivian!
  18. NineElectrics

    Experience shopping for an EV9 vs R1S - Update

    Honestly, after seeing the astronomical repair costs for even minor Rivian fender benders, I might never take my Rivian off road again!