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  1. KRG

    Very stupid question but I have to ask.

    I have a Dual motor R1T. I really love the yellow accents throughout the truck, especially on Limestone as it's a muted color. If I install the black/yellow exterior badging on my dual motor am I a fraud? Will you all roast and shun me? I need to know. :D
  2. KRG

    SoCal Morning Drive

    I took the truck out for a several hour drive this morning enjoying the drive and the scenery. The desert superbloom is winding down but still very pretty. A lot of my photos came out weird and out of focus bc I messed up my camera settings, but still figured I'd share. Observtions: The truck...
  3. KRG

    Meet Rocky

    Took delivery today!
  4. KRG

    Placed My Reservation!

    I pulled the trigger on an R1T coming out of the factory, I assume about a month out. Limestone Dual Motor with the dark 22s. Very excited!
  5. KRG

    New Member from Southern California

    Hello everyone, I’m a current Tesla owner looking to possibly make the transition. I’ve test driven both the R1T and R1S already and just trying to gather as much info as I can. Also very excited to see what the R2 launch brings. Hoping I can tag along at some of the local events in the future!