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  1. KootenayEV

    On the Run chargers don't show in navigation

    As many of my fellow Canadian R1 owners know, the On the Run (Chevron) network does not show up in either the vehicle system or the app system at all. I noticed this disparity several months ago and kept thinking they would fix it, but they still haven't, so today I started a "chat" with a...
  2. KootenayEV

    7-pin power to trailer LiB while driving

    I am considering replacing the two 85Ah 12v AGM batteries on my travel trailer with one (or maybe two) "drop-in" 12v 100Ah lithium ion batteries (LiB, eg Renogy), but I have a question related to the 7-pin power from the truck. Ideally I would maintain the ability to provide at least some juice...
  3. KootenayEV

    Efficiency tests with bikes and ski box (on R1T)

    Hey fellow R1 owners - I completed some testing last fall with bikes, a ski box and a hitch rack in various combinations and finally got around to writing it up. The details (and photos) are on my blog, but the TLDR; version is: Coming from a Model 3, pleasantly surprised at how little some...
  4. KootenayEV

    Crossbar foot will not do 2nd latch 'click'

    I've had the Rivian crossbars for a few months now and have put them on and taken them off several times, all without incident. I did have to complete a minor adjustment to one of my feet when installing the bars the first time, but haven't touched the adjustment screws since. A few days ago I...
  5. KootenayEV

    Lightning has gone to Norway - should R1s?

    https://electrek.co/2024/02/12/ford-first-f-150-lightning-outside-north-america/ Looks like Ford is taking the Lightning over to Norway. If (when?) Rivian runs into a demand issue for the R1 line, they should look at Norway too.
  6. KootenayEV

    alignment on LOW at SC?

    My truck is currently in the Service Centre for a 12v issue. While it is there, I'm considering asking them to complete an alignment with the suspension on the LOW setting. Reasons for: Bit better efficiency all the time I only need the clearance from Standard height if there's a fair amount...
  7. KootenayEV

    New build of 2023.46.0?!

    Got home tonight from my commute and the truck notified me it wanted to do a software update... from 2023.46.0 to 2023.46.0?! Current build is 531c7711 and new one is acc6f865. I didn't read all of the release notes but expect they are the same. Anyone else have apparently the same version of...
  8. KootenayEV

    Interesting comparison & analysis video of R1T, Cybertruck and Lightning on same hill climb

    Thought this was an interesting watch. Tesla has some work to do. Wonder if that was a tri or dual motor? Must not have had locker engaged - check out how much it slid across near the top!
  9. KootenayEV

    Low voltage on a 208v EVSE, problem?

    I'm sitting at a public EVSE at a visitor centre which is likely a 208v power supply. Truck is reporting 48A being drawn off a Clipper Creek unit, and my truck is showing 9.1kW. Doing the math on that yields voltage of 189v. That seems like a really large voltage drop, over 9%. I've used this...
  10. KootenayEV

    Cybertruck door handles?

    Random thought occurred to me after being inundated with Cybertruck posts on this forum (and everywhere else) the last few weeks - I haven't actually seen any video of people opening the doors... anyone seen how this is accomplished? Is there an actuator that slightly pushes the door open (like...
  11. KootenayEV

    Weight rating RAM 2363 wheels?

    I’ve read through (most of) the super thread on the Dodge Ram 2363 wheels - one thing I haven’t seen conclusively answered is whether the wheels have sufficient weight rating for our trucks… the Dodge they came off of has a GVWR of about 6,500lbs from what I could find; curb weight of our R1...
  12. KootenayEV

    Inferred payload of Cybertruck

    Looking at the various articles from around Oct 20th regarding the VIN decoding for the Cybertruck (link), and combined with the latest tidbits from the Rogan podcast with Musk on the 31st (link), it appears that the payload of at least some of the configurations of the Cybertruck will not be...
  13. KootenayEV

    Aerodynamic 20" wheels?

    Bought my truck with the 20" ATs for light-off roading and forest service roads in the spring through fall. I live in a wintery place, and am thinking I will get a dedicated set of winter wheels and tires (like I have for every other vehicle I've owned). On my Model 3, I have non-aero wheels for...
  14. KootenayEV

    Cables on RAN chargers - thin? thick?

    I haven't seen a RAN charger in the wild yet - I'm wondering what the cables are like... are they thick like many 'public' CCS stations? Or thinner like the liquid cooled v3 Superchargers?
  15. KootenayEV

    WDH for your travel trailer?

    I am wondering whether folks are using weight-distributing hitches for towing their travel trailers 5000 lbs and up or if you are just using a regular hitch? On my Ridgeline I am currently using an Anderson WDH for my 5000 lbs trailer (the truck is rated for 650 lbs tongue weight-carrying, and...
  16. KootenayEV

    Tesla Supercharger V4 - parking should be fine [Electrek story with photos]

    Based on this Electrek story (which is actually about the power) about the new Tesla Supercharger V4 stations, it looks to me like a Rivian should be able to park in the stall meant for a Tesla and have the cable reach, yay...
  17. KootenayEV

    Compiled payload ratings for R1T (GVWR, GAWR, Payload Stickers)

    I've been combing through forum posts and Facebook groups for a few hours to collate the various payload values I was seeing. I've put my table below with links to sources. If you have additional information, please post the payload sticker in the thread and I'll add it to the table. Hope this...