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  1. NY_Rob

    Clunking - rattling sound at freeway speeds

    It's a crap design, but at least it wasn't your Disconnect Unit going bad!
  2. NY_Rob

    Not looking too good for continued operations beyond 2025

    They need someone like you on the Fisker Ocean forum...
  3. NY_Rob

    “I’ll be back”

    Nothing a good scrubbing with a fresh Brillo pad won't fix o_O :CWL:
  4. NY_Rob

    RAN Chargers Backward?

    That's what I figured too... looks like they stuck the wrong knob on it because you'd have to lean over the flame tilting your head upside down to see the writing correctly.
  5. NY_Rob

    RAN Chargers Backward?

    Crazy right... Sent an email to the manufacturer (or should I say "importer") last night with photos, no reply yet 😞
  6. NY_Rob

    Heavy Tailgate

    Don't you have to press the button 2X? I know the icons on the fob are impossible to see sometimes, I ended up painting the icons white like others have done.
  7. NY_Rob

    RAN Chargers Backward?

    Looks like the installer messed up...send the photos to Rivian and see what they say. Reminds me of the upside down writing cast in to the control knob of the $450 Side Burner we just bought for our outdoor kitchen..
  8. NY_Rob

    Heavy Tailgate

    The gooseneck hinges Rivian use to push the tailgate out to extend the bed length put the weight of the tailgate out past where a regular hinge fulcrum is, so you're basically lifting almost the full weight of the tailgate when you close it.
  9. NY_Rob

    Heavy Tailgate

    So you want additional expensive and complicated parts on your $85K vehicle?
  10. NY_Rob

    Definitely a big "NO" to mud flaps on the Rivian!

    I'm up for some "sexy as hell Brazilian models".. send them my way! 😁
  11. NY_Rob

    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    Fisker scam? What are these strange words you speak my friend? 😁
  12. NY_Rob

    $1700 Service Center ONLY Windshield Replacement is UNSUSTAINABLE !

    I mentioned this in another thread today, but it's even more relevant when comparing a huge windshield to the tiny 5"X4" piece of mirror glass in your side view mirror... Was at my bro in-law's auto repair shop yesterday, I saw a side view mirror glass (just the actual mirror glass, not the...
  13. NY_Rob

    Afraid of Repair Costs

    The R1S looks exactly the same in a photo though doesn't it? I don't see any way to differentiate between the two whereas one (the R1S) is a full side of vehicle panel and the other (the R2) is a conventional quarter panel type build?
  14. NY_Rob

    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    The Fisker Alaska concept Pickup Truck looked great, but sadly that will likely never be built now. I put a $250 deposit down on one back in 2023 before Fisker Inc was in such bad shape. Seeing how badly things are looking for them at this point, I requested a refund last week.. and I got $225...
  15. NY_Rob

    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    Dollar General? 🥴
  16. NY_Rob

    Worried about buying a Rivian if the company fails

    You're worried about Rivian going belly up? Fisker says "hold my beer" :CWL: Fisker is penny stock now and is down to 6 cents today. Topping that, Henrik's mansion in Cali is up for sale now: https://www.amlu.com/2024/04/13/henrik-fisker-puts-l-a-home-on-the-market-for-35m/
  17. NY_Rob

    Guess it was my time - 12v is dead

    Yes, no reason Rivian couldn't come up with software to do that as it does keep track of the load on the 12v battery.